Hey.  I decided to end this page.  All gone.  No more archives, either.  Next week (the 1st of November) would have been the 1-year anniversary of the rebirth of this page.  Instead it'll mark the 1st week after its death.  Maybe I should have a funeral for it. 

Got a lot of reasons for ending it, but basically it boils down to being a hassle.  The money, the time, the decisions about what I should put up and what I want to put up, it's just too much work and stuff to think about.  This should be a recreation; instead, it became something more like work, except I wasn't getting paid for it.  I was paying for it.  And I've got a lot more things I should be worrying about, like the radiator for my car --> it's leaking.

Anyhow, don't be sad; I fell in love and made a good friend b/c of this page, and met some other people whose own lives are quite interesting in their own rights.  You can always e-mail me; I might be a little slow in responding, but give me some time, I always try to get back to everyone. 

Stop worrying about me, people; you've got your own life to worry about. 

And you should worry about gettin' some, instead.

See you around.