6/16/99 - Well, my moms says she's coming through with some dough today to help me get myself a nice little used car.  I really wanna find me a Mazda MX-3.  l have always liked those cars, and it's too bad that Mazda quit makin' em'.  I really love the GS version -- 1.8 Liter V6, which is the smallest factory V6 ever built, as far I can tell.  The MX-3 itself reminds me of the old Honda CRX's, which I really loved and was jealous of everyone who had one in high school (I had an 86' Civic, and then a 90' Metro.  Please feel free to laugh).  So that's what I'm aiming for.   Mazda's pretty innovative; the MX-3's V6, the Wankel Rotary in the RX7 for all those years, the Miata...

I've always liked small cars.  Small cars are easy to handle, easy to park, and usually easy on the gas mileage.  My dream car in high school was a turbo MR2 -- not the newer model, but the old one.  That thing was tiny, and I loved it.  I knew a guy who had one, and I pictured myself jammed in behind the wheel when I rode with him a few times.  My dad had a Corvette, which was a big car for me at the time.  I always hate when my parents rent cars, b/c they always get a mid-size or a luxury and whatever model it is,  it's a goddamn tank as far as I'm concerned. 

Thinking about those cars from high school reminds me: I stumbled upon a website last week where you can track down your old classmates from high school, assuming that a) they have a computer, b) they've found the web site, and c) they're willing to let other people know what they're up to.  Out of my graduating class of 375, there's about 12 of us there now.  I know, I'm a big loser, but for some reason I felt compelled to put my dumb ass up there.  Naturally, none of the people I'm remotely interested in contacting are listed, either -- it's mostly people I want to avoid.  I have no idea what I'll even tell people if they ask what I'm up to, but since my 10 year reunion is coming up in 2002, I better start making up some good shit. 

I heard this morning on the radio that Ricky Martin's lawyers are threatening to sue anyone who continues to propagate the rumors that he is "allegedly gay".  In case you haven't haven't noticed, Ricky Martin is "allegedly" gay as the wind.  And now apparently, it's libelous to label someone homosexual if they are gay or not, so long as they deny it.  That's funny in this age of PC and  gay rights breakthroughs, you can be sued for calling someone gay so long as they deny it.  I assume the same applies to other "alleged" gays like Mike Piazza and Cheryl Miller and Kevin Spacey.  Even if everyone in the world thinks they're gay, if you accuse them of it, then you can be sued if they deny it.

Hmm, maybe it's because it'll hurt their sales or income.  Whatever, so much for gay pride.  Yeah, as you can tell, I totally buy into all of the above being gay.  So what?

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