Typed out in 298 seconds -- not too shabby...(6/20/99)
Born in New York, I moved all around as a kid, settling in San Diego when I was 11. I was a big nerd until the later part of high school, when I became only a small nerd.  I've never dated and never had a girlfriend and never gotten any.  I went off to college when I was 18 at Washington State University, and then transferred to UCLA a year later.  I did pretty well in school until I started smoking up every night and watched my GPA drop like a stone.  I also worked at the library at UCLA for three years, the latter part to support my weed and food bills. 

My parents moved off to JAcksonville, Florida in the fall of 97, and I went with them b/c I was taking a sojourn from school.  I hated it so much I came back to LA at Christmas and finished up my last quarter.  I got a job in the library of  a big law firm in Los Angeles, which is where I work now. 

I've got bad eyes and wear contacts, since I gave up glasses when I was 22.  I've also got two small gaps in my teeth.  I don't like white people very much, and try to hang around as many Asian Americans as I can.  I spent the last 14 months (as of June 99) living in Cerritos with my bud Ray and his mom.  Cerritos is ultra-suburban LA.  I'm moving (have moved) to Santa Monica as of July 1 to live with Jenny, who's the ex-roommate of my friend from high school, Maya.

I quit drinking late in 98 after I tried to kill myself, but I still smoke bud whenever I can.  I also started smoking again.  I hate my coworkers except for Akiyo, who is moving back home to San Francisco as of August.  She's a hottie who works in our Century City office who I've have a mad thing for.

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