Haole -- That's Me (without a goatee, which I currently sport)
AHHH!!! Oh wait, it's just Haole

Name: Haole Occupation: Law Library Assistant (no, I'm nota librarian!) Place of Residence: Santa Monica, CA (as of 7/1/99)
Birthplace: Valley Stream, NY Education: Barely (OK, BA in History from UCLA) Place of Work: Downtown Los Angeles
Age: 25 Birthday: February 3 Place of Growing Up: Houston, then San Diego
Astrological Bullshit: Aquarius/Tiger Smoking: Kamel Red Lights (1/2 pack a day) Drugs: Bud, Ecstasy
Height: 6'0 Drinking: Diet Coke Car: None at the Moment (as of 7/1/99_
Weight: circa 180 lbs Family: Unfortunately (they're in Jacksonville, FL) Blood Type: O- (Asians are big on this shit)
Dick Length: 0.0001397 kilometer Religion: None (Formerly Missouri Lutheran) Computer: None at the Moment (as of 7/1/99)
Marital Status: Perpetually Single Bench Press: Uh, no. Favorite Genre of Food: Korean
Eyes: Blue-Green Hair: Dirty Blond Favorite Genre of Women: Korean American
Favorite Movie at the Moment: Clockers Favorite Book at the Moment: About A Boy Music Taste: None
Dream in Life: To Get Some from a Hottie Biggest Failure in Life: Not Getting Any At All Ethnicity: German American
Mental Problem: Depression Favorite Food: Any fried non-vegetable More Random Shit About Me: Here and Here

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