Haole -- This is me, except a little skinnier
Que pasa?  i don't speak Spanish.  Anyhow, this is supposed to give you and idea of who it is that's writing all this weird shit that you're reading.  I'm not real exciting or fun or wacky or shit.  Pathetic comes to mind, though.

Anyhow, Stark Raving Mad is my journal about my life, or most of my life, anyway.  It's gruesome and bare and not particularly enjoyable a lot of the time, just like me.  It's also go lots of bad language, misogynistic undertones, and some bashing of white people.  You've been warned.

I update this on a WYSIWYG browser, because I don't have access to anything better.  I don't a have a computer of my own or easy access to a private one, so I update this at Kinko's.  Call me sad, but I prefer to think of it as determination.

This journal has some central themes which seem to predominate, so  I made up a couple of little essays to give you an idea of what I'm like -- sort of think of this page, and these 4 "essays" as Cliff Notes into my life.  But you know you're wasting your education if you don't actually read the material...  

Name: Haole Occupation: Paralegal/Legal Assistant Place of Residence: Cerritos, CA
Birthplace: Valley Stream, NY Education: Barely (OK, BA in History from UCLA) Place of Work: Long Beach Area
Age: 25 Birthday: February 3 Place of Growing Up: Houston, then San Diego
Astrological Bullshit: Aquarius/Tiger Smoking: Kamel Red Lights (1/2 pack a day) Drugs: Bud, Ecstasy
Height: 6'0 Drinking: Pepsi One Car: 1986 Nissan 300ZX
Weight: circa 195 lbs Family: Unfortunately (they're in Jacksonville, FL) Blood Type: O- (Asians are big on this shit)
Dick Length: 0.0001397 kilometer Religion: None (Formerly Missouri Lutheran) Computer: None at the Moment (as of 7/1/99)
Marital Status: Perpetually Single Bench Press: Uh, no. Favorite Genre of Food: Korean
Eyes: Blue-Green Hair: Dirty Blond Favorite Genre of Women: Canadian
Favorite Movie at the Moment: Clockers Favorite Book at the Moment: About A Boy Music Taste: None
Dream in Life: To Get Some from a Hottie Biggest Failure in Life: Not Getting Any At All Ethnicity: German American
Mental Problem: Depression Favorite Food: Any fried non-vegetable More Random Shit About Me: Here and Here
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