Update: (10-7) - Have an entry in the box but am too tired to edit it and put it up.  Hopefully by Friday morning it'll be up.  Also got another thing or two to rant on about....including a possible passive-agressive-depressive rant against other journallers.  Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, get it up and get some before Friday morning.

Work goes OK.  Oh, I'm gonna double-check with her, but Tasha wanted me to put her e-mail address up here.  I think she's insane, which is why I'm gonna have her evaluated first.  

"You're just jealous because I'm a real freak and you have to wear a mask." - Penguin, Batman Returns

Wish List: 
- Drugs and more drugs
- One-way plane ticket to Midwestern Canada 
- More sleep 
Music you hear when you're on hold.
Client Files 
-Really boring baseball games (what other kinds are there?)
-Final Fantasy VIII
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