(The most amazing collection of irrelevent and pointless photos...anywhere!)
Click here to see the amazing effects of Haole's unique, lose 35-pounds in a month-and-a-half diet, shown through these two self-portraits.
Phil's photos from around the country
Sobakawa.jpg Da Boyz and Sobakawa pillow at Phil's Birthday
bimbo.jpg Das' mom's delivery truck on the way to San Diego
DasMPhil.jpg Das, Count Mitch, and Phil at Halloween
egg-lim1.jpg Ray showing how low he can go
DasRPhil.jpg Das, Rick, and Phil, after their excursion to the gay biker bar
egg-puk1.jpg Phil rexamines his dinner
egg-puk2.jpg More dinner re-examination -- notice how it's a stream, and doesn't really shoot out everywhere 
egg-val.jpg Valmont -- this fucking dog ate my goddamn earring.  Last nite I had a dream I was wearing it again
Phillie.jpg Phil and a phillie in NY 
PhinNLo.jpg Phil and Lothar in NY
PhilzNY.jpg Phil, Lothar, and some females in NY for New Years.
 Das, Phil, and I on "tour"
das1.jpg Biggie Das on one of his pimpin' breaks.
ngas1.jpg Phil having a mild NGAS seizure
ogphil.jpg Phil claimin' Crip, cuz you know he's down with C-Town
philtour.jpg Phil pretending he's a Japanese tourist
wwpotour.jpg Das, Phil, and I on a pot tour of the Wessyde, here on Sunset
Brief Berkeley Trip (I dig Berkeley, so I put these up)
nicole1.jpg Nicole in her Berkeley flat
nicole2.jpg Nicole thinking about making me lunch.  Women can't resist Haole's charms
telegraph.jpg I took this photo to avoid some crazy bum in Berkeley -- it's at the corner of Telegraph and the AM-PM
Other Random Photos that I've been forced -- err, asked to put up
BudGirls.jpg Old Photo of Dave, Albert, and some other old friend of theirs.  Oh yeah, and some chicks.
rayval.jpg BEASTIALITY!  Ray caught having sex with Phil's dog, Valmont. 
6969car.tif Unclear, unclearable picture of Ray's Civic when it reached the magic mile-stone
carahan.jpg Ray's old ride.   I think this is before the accident
weirdhaole.jpg Picture of me at half-time of the Super Bowl.  I was drunk, sick, and I think I had shotgunned a beer for the first time
Super Bowl Sunday
chug.jpg Judging by the action and the shot on the TV screen, I'd bet that Mark Chumura caught a pass, so Das had to chug a beer.
milehigh.jpg Denver TD, so you know what's comin' from Das
milehigh2.jpg Another TD, another salute, thank you very much
touchdown.jpg Hey, Denver fans been waitin' a long time for this one
nippleage.jpg OK, Das is getting a little too enthusiastic by showing us breasts
Phil's Last Nite in LA
daboyz.jpg Da Boyz before our last nite out
daboyz2.jpg Da Boyz again, minus me (I'm taking the photo)
dasface.jpg Hey, Das, why you makin' such a funny face?
dasface2.jpg Das' face again -- not hard to believe that the women flock to him
philnray.jpg Phil N' Ray -- Buds
philnjames.jpg Phil N' the Ajuhshi -- Men among boys
haolebeer.jpg Me and Corona -- I got redeye like a 2 AM flight
tanwidow.jpg Phil shootin' pool
 Birthday for Moi
dastoke.jpg Dave enjoying the finest green north of Columbia
haoletoke.jpg Me with a J -- See how much fun drugs are?
haoletoke2.jpg Haole in rapture
haolefreak.jpg Me spazzing out at WBC -- I'm wuz scared of drinking, and paranoid the waitress would notice my paranoia
Redneck Bar Nite
barnite.jpg Da Boyz in the midst of imbibing
dasbar.jpg Das celebrating drinking!
jtkbar.jpg A portrait of James
jtkbar2.jpg James trying to hide from the camera.  But he can't hide from the truth!
jtkbar3.jpg James marvelling at the shots that they're going to make me drink.
jtkdance.jpg Hide the women  -- James is in the house.
jtkdance2.jpg Paul can't believe James' moves
jtkdance3.jpg Some buttmunch trying to get in on James' action -- but it ain't happening.
jtkdance4.jpg Nuttin' wrong with a little bump n' grind...
jtkdance5.jpg James showing what it takes to land the finest white trash...
panorama.jpg Us enjoying our own company.  See?  I told you this was a fun nite.
Da Boyz Drinking -- err, Ski Trip (I didn't go)
pornojim.jpg Paul enjoying a beverage with his woman -- Jimena
pornojim2.jpg Paul, Jimena, AND Das -- the important people in Paul's life
wuboyz.jpg Da boyz pose togetha'
daswu.jpg Dave molesting Wu outside the car
wuray.jpg Uh, I'm not sure how they wound up in these positions, but here they are
busty.jpg Busty the Snowbitch and Das
dpjsnow.jpg Das cuttin' in on Paul's action in the snow
jamessnow.jpg James' examining his sense of snow -- face down
conniewu.jpg Connie and Wu
dasnwu.jpg Wu caught in the act with his real love -- Dasmando
dfeedingj.jpg Das shown giving...well, it's too hard to explain, and I don't know what's going on
jamesjiggy.jpg James the Dancing Fool.  Don't stop the music.
raysick.jpg Ramone looking like he had too much to drink
ruthreateningme.jpg Wu ready to pull a Sean Penn with a fork
tongueaction.jpg Wu and Das showing you their most powerful muscle
snowjump.jpg Phat photo of Das and Hoon diving into a snowbank
daytafter.jpg The boys after a night of revelry
 THE P-FILES (Pics from Paul Archives)
screech.jpg Paurno's dad with THE MAN
ppdopera.jpg Paul, Phil, Phil's ugly cousin, and Das in chinese opera garb
pndopera.jpg Paul and Das doing their best Robert Smith impression, hanging out with Phil's mom (isn't she hot?!)
Misc. Drunken Revelry
raysgut.jpg Ray's superhuman stomach
moonshot.jpg Only my Buddha!  Ass action.  Check out Das looking at Ray's package
moonshot2.jpg God damn!  That's a big fat ass!
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