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All about Me.  See?   If it ain't great yet, don't worry -- neither am I.  But I keep reading.  Why do I do this?  Oh fuck, who knows?  Narcissism?  Self-loathing?  A humanitarian desire to warn to stay the hell away from me?  Maybe.  STARK RAVING MAD is amazingly incoherent, full of bad grammar and bad language, and contains semi-revealing facts about me and what I do with my myself when other people aren't looking.  After reading one entry, you'll be amazed to know that it wasn't written by a twelve year-old.  If you want to know how old I really am, then go press on "me".

3-18-98 Well, We're Moving on Up (On Up...) 3-3-98 Weekend Update
3-17-98 Drinking Myself Smart 2-28-98 The Perils of Boredom
3-17-98 Green Monster 2-25-98 Of Marvel and Mickey D's
3-16-98 Run for Your Lives! 2-23-98 Haole, King of Beasts
3-14-98 Liquid Ramen 2-19-98 The Ramen Kingmobile
3-13-98 Where's the Guy in the Hockey Mask? 2-18-98  Pop Goes My Self-Esteem
3-12-98 Building a Depressing Mystery 2-17-98 Woman Magnet
3-11-98 Hell Comes to Haoletown 2-17-98 Beating Wellington Ass
3-10-98 God's A Wuss 2-15-98 Ray Makes My Day
3-10-98 Death Threat to God 2-14-98 Whoa!  I've Got Money Woes
3-9-98 Hit by the Short Yellow Bus 2-12-98 Twice in One Day!!!
3-7-98 The Arctic Computer Lab 2-12-98 Hindu Horror
3-6-98 Cable Guy! 2-10-98 No Ties, Cheap Yanni
3-20-98 Honkey Mo-Fo 3-5-98 Movie Night 2-9-98 Ookla and Photoshop
3-19-98 Horndoggery  3-4-98 Friends and Nicole's Ass 2-8-98 Genghis Khan's Revenge
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