1/13/99 -- Not much has been going on since I last flickered across your monitor.  I tore my contact and lost two days of work b/c of it, shaved, and felt my moods alternate between cautious self-loathing and hellious misery.

I did read John Okada's No-No Boy -- that kicked ass.  (Yes, "that kicked ass is the most descriptive praise I can come up with after three years of honors English and lots of years at UCLA).  I appreciated homeboy's struggle to resolve his identity-crisis, and could relate on a few coming-of-age points --> we're both 25 and wanna get some from hot Asian sluts.  Of course he did get some.   And for some reason, I pictured the main character's pal Freddie as looking like Jay.

Oh yeah, I lost my pager while I was at a strip club on Tuesday.  I had an unbelievably good time, so I don't even care.  Ramone had a good time, or at least an interesting time, too, but he doesn't want me to mention his name in association with this, so everyone just act dumb.  He's embarrassed by going to strip clubs -- not a man like me and proud to admit it!! 

Oh, and the honey who helped me at the optometrist was FINE!  They didn't stack my band, so I was hoping when I went back on Monday that she'd be there.  She wasn't.  It sucked, b/c I wanted to pull some line like, "Oh yeah, my vision's beautiful now with this pair in."  Damn, I'd have been smooth.  Instead I just got helped by Dr. Hymen. 

Hymen is one of those last names I thank God I wasn't born with.  True, I'm not a Gash, Diamond, or Okuma, but I'm also not a Whitehead, Dick, Thing, or Cockwood.  I had to call an attorney whose last name is Butts, and after saying, "Mr. Butts", I forgot what I had called about -- I thought "Ohmigawd!  I called him Mr. Butts!"  Then I figured he probably gets that alot (since it's his name), and I remembered what I needed to ask him.

I've got a weird, growing obsession with Foxy Brown (rapper extraordinare, not the 70's movie).  I bought an issue of Vibe just b/c it had her on the cover.  The rest of the magazine, including the article on her, wasn't very interesting.  And then I bought her album, even though I had the the only song on it that I cared for.  Sista can't resist ya'...

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