1/15/99 -- So I've bit the bullet and gone back to smoking, and I was thinking that the one benefit of it would be that I wouldn't be left out of the smokers' conversations.  Every now and then when I'm chillin' with friends, a couple, like say Ray and Paul, will go out for a tambe since they can't smoke indoors anywhere in California. 

A week back into smoking, and Iearned yesterday that Ray and Paul both quit over a bet they made -- the loser (the first person to go back to sucking on that nicotine nipple) has to buy the others hundreds of $$$ in electronic equipment.  My money's on Ray getting a DVD player by the end of February.  He doesn't have the willpower, but he's not as big-time a smoker as Paurno is.

How come I can't get in on cool bets like that?  I end up making stupid drunken bets that I cannot possibly hope to win, like "getting some" or else buying the most expensive sushi dinner in America.

Best thing about the NBA lockout being over?  The cheerleaders.  Laker Girls, Clipper Girls, Luv-A-Bulls, whatevva -- I don't understand how every guy on the bench can focus on the game with honeys jumping up and down and doing the splits every time someone puts the rock through the hoop.  Well, Patrick Ewing can't -- he left his wife for a Knick dancer.  He'd leave his wife for a bunch of bananas.

Y'know, I don't talk about sports much, here, which is surprising, since I'm a big sports guy.  Well, I am for football and pro basketball.  I used to be bigger (knowing the starting line-ups for nearly every team in the NFL), but since then I've gotten a life. 

Wa-ha-ha-ha...ah, that was a good laugh.  I dunno, it's waste of my precious brain space to be cramming sports info into there.  I have a feeling that in 30 years pro sports will be nowhere and I'll be even a bigger loser than I already am.  "John Elway?  Who's that?" <-- That day is coming.

Supposed to go to Vegas tomorrow...still don't know if I want to.  I feel like I should go -- see JJ, and I haven't out there since August of 97.  But I'm so miserable nowadays that nothing seems like fun anymore -- except strip clubs.  Well, there are strip clubs out there, that's true.  But if I can't drink anymore, what fun am I?  I'm like that dude on Friends -- Fun Bobby.  After Bobby quit drinking, it sucked having him around. Except I wasn't that much fun.  And I remember how Phillio said people don't wanna be around me b/c I 'm too moody.  He told me that in Vegas, and I tried to keep that in mind last year.  But now I'm too tired to even try to muster up the energy.

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