1/21/98 -- I was sitting here (not standing), beginning to type out this little spiel about the Spice Girls and why I think they're all nasty except for the black one.  Sista' can't resist ya'.  Anyhow, I dunno her name, so  I try to look up some Spice Girls web page, when Navigator crashes, taking Composer and my freshly written Spice Girls rant with it.  The Spice Girls are evil, I tell you.  Must come from being British.  British sex symbols <-- an oxymoron if there ever was one.  If you're British and now you hate me, well, go ahead.  Anything the British ever did, the Americans just improved on it -- rugby to football, cricket to baseball, chips to french fries...maybe I can start an anti-UK movement in this country.  It's been a while since Americans have really hated another people with a passion.  No more communists, Iranians, Japanese...hate's very American.  Or maybe it's just very human.   
     My mom hates Arabs, actually.  It's pretty sad, she likes most people (especially "Orientals"), but she hates Arabs and she hates New Yorkers.  And she's from New York, mind you.  But she makes sure to occasionally rail against Arabs, talking about how "we" should have bombed the whole fucking Middle East years ago.  She's a nurse, too.  Nothing like compassionate health care, huh?   
     Oh yeah, my cutie Spice Girl -- Scary Spice.  What's up with that, making the sista' out to be "Scary"?  Fucking limeys, they're the ones who are fucking scary looking...rather look at the five ugly black girls in the world than to look at the other members of the Spice Girls.  Down with the limeys, down with Whitey!!! 
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