1/21/99 -- Work for its own sake is no reward.  I stayed at work two extra hours yesterday, working -- for free -- to get some stuff out of the way so things would be a lot better after a VERY hectic day yesterday.  Took care of this, took care of that, surfed the web a little -- and then I went home.  Ramone picked me up from the rail station and so I bought him KFC and a Snapple as a reward.  He didn't mind it regardless, since I saved him from twenty minutes of drinking at Jimbo's.  When he went back there, he asked if I wanted to come along, and I said "No." 

I feel kinda funny now hanging out with drinkers since I don't drink anymore.  Even though I've hardly done it, I think it'd be uncomfortable for me to hang out with people who are just drinking.  After all, what else could I do with them?  It bites to have friendships that are based around drinking.

Had a salad for lunch.  That was good.  Then I had a chocolate-covered creme donut.  That was really good.  Shit, why can't donuts be healthy?  "Because then they wouldn't taste any good..."  Whatever.  OK, I'm making February 1 my target date to get back on track health-wise.  Quit smoking, start exercising and eating right, yep, gonna be a poster-boy for California fitness.

I'll stick that poster right next to the one I have of me as "NGAS Sufferer of the Year".

The new Japanese-American historical museum is opening up this weekend in Little Tokyo.  One of these weekends, soon, I'm gonna head up there.  I have some bizarre interests in Asian-Americans, I know.  And I know, it sucks b/c I'm not Asian-American (it's time for Haole to face facts).  Shit, the one thing I wouldn't mind studying in grad school, and I can't study it b/c of my stupid race.  God, I hate white people

Maybe I could get Akiyo to go with me to the museum...Argh!!!  Must stop thinking about Akiyo.  Think about other stuff, like, like...

Valentine's Day!?  Gee, I wonder what I should do for that?  Hmm, maybe I'll ask Akiyo out!  God.  I dunno, I want to do something for Valentine's Day one of these years.  And if she's not doing anything for it, then I'll probably ask her assuming that everything goes smoothly at the DMV on Saturday (PLEASE, GOD! I may not believe in you but I still don't mind your kindness!).  Then I'll have a license, which means I can get a smooth rent-a-wheels.  That would set everything in motion.  Mebbe it's a big mistake, but Christ, is it?  We've gone out before, and she's not interested.  Fine, whatever, but is she opposed to going out for Valentine's Day with me?  I have no idea. 

What do you think?

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