1/22/98 -- My job situation sucks.  To recap for you, I've been going to college...forever.  Anyhow, I'm at UCLA now, since 1994 I'd been working at the main research library on campus, the University Research Library (URL).  Since 1995, I'd been working at the Interlibrary Loans (ILL) department.  Since 1996, I'd been a student supervisor, doing my little job of looking at photocopies, printing out and looking up requests, blah blah, very boring, but it paid well and was easy.  I quit in 1997 to move back home, still having not graduated.  I was in Florida for a few months, and figured that when I got back to Cali, I'd need to get a job, right?  So I have no idea what I should go after.  All my friends tell me the same thing -- get a job where we can get discounts and free shit.  Ideally for them, I'd be working days at Golf World and nights at Inn N' Out, with weekends tending bar.    
     Anyhow, last Friday I ran into this girl I knew from my ILL days, and she was like, "Oh Dave, (OK, all the girls yell that), you should come back to ILL, b/c Ji left, and Gaby just said she's leaving...".  So I figure I'll give it a shot.  I dropped by on Tuesday to talk to my own boss, and she seemed to be pretty enthusiastic about the prospect of not only hiring me back 'til I finish school (this quarter.  Really.), but for at least three months afterwards, full-time.  Hell, she wanted me on full-time now.  So I'm pretty stoked, and she tells me to come back on Thursday afternoon.  So I'm thinking that this is all dope and my triumphant return to ILL is imminent, right?  I'm start spending my money like I already have my job back.  
     Well, Thursday afternoon (like, today) rolls around, I stroll in, and after waiting for her to talk on the phone for a few minutes, she's like, "Well, we'd already offered the job to someone else, and so we're waiting to hear back from them.  So if they turn it down, then we might bring you back, but only at 19-hours-a-week, since that's the library's working maximum for students.  We should hear back from the person by the end of next week..."  Burn!  So now I gotta wait for another damned week for an e-mail to tell me that "the person" wasn't a fucking dumb-ass and took the job.  Burn!!    
     So now I'm back to square one.  Oh yeah, to further complicate life, my disk that had my resume on it did a bad thing and broke, so I lost that, too.  All in the same damn hour!  Hey, I'm wearing a wife-beater, maybe I could...damn, I'm not married so I can't beat my wife either!  Burn!!!
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