1/24/98 -- It's a damn good thing this is my last quarter, I only have two classes, and I feel guilty about having my moms pay through her ass for this last quarter.  After slacking off for an entire academic year, during which time I passed (drum roll please...) ONE class, I now am semi-determined to finish up in this, my sixth year since graduating from RBHS.  My academic proclivities began to seep out my body sometime in the summer of '94, after my dad left.  It took em' awhile, but by the winter of '96 , they had completely deserted me.  Maybe I should go and look for them, some kind of puddle of academic ooze that I could take a bath in.  I remember back when I used to wake up less than a half-hour before class, and I would jump out of bed, throw my clothes and a hat on, and run to class without showering.  By the time I got to class, I was a sweating, caucasoid mass that none of the Asians wanted to sit next to, probably b/c I smelled like a white person.    
     Bill Clinton is (alledgedly) freakin' amazing.  He (alledgedly) had this intern slob his Johnson for him in the White House, an intern who ain't all that  (Although she will soon be the most famous Beverly Hills High alumni ever -- sorry Nic Cage).  This comes after he (allegedly) had state troopers bring Paula Jones to his hotel room so he could expose his (allegedly) small schlong to her.  Of course, he's supposed to have a teeny meeny b/c Gennifer Flowers has (allegedly) seen it.  Damn, our president the sex fiend.  Cool!  Some or all of this could be a load of crap, but that's not as cool.  I want a president who cheats on his wife at the office and at home at the same time!   Yeah, b/c then he and can chill with other world leaders with his head up high -- Boris Yeltsin's an alcoholic, Benjamin Netanyahu is an adulterer, every Japanese prime minister is taking money or having an affair...we need a president with similar credentials.  
     Betcha' Clinton's a Cowboys fan, too.  Probably used to kick it with Michael Irvin in the White House.  Should check the White House guest log for any self-employed models.
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