1/27/98 -- I'm back at the CLICC lab again.  I should friggin' move in here.  Having no computer of my own in Cali, AND having no money, computer labs are a fantastic way to waste time without wasting money, which is a habit I need to pick up.  Computers labs would be an even better place to come if more cute girls showed up.  Not as many show up as I want, and when they do, they usually aren't in my line-of-sight.  Unlike the coffees shops in Westwood; there are some FINE girls who hang out in coffee shops around here; unfortunately, the two or three times I've gone to em', they don't show up.  Must get advanced warning.  I'd go more often, but I really hate coffee, and I'm sorry, but $3.00 for a hot chocolate the size of a small McDonald's Coke t'ain't wuth it.  
     I feel like I'm falling apart.  Working my way from the top down, my eyes hurt b/c my contacts are dry, I've got a runny nose, my throat is sore, my neck and upper back are stuff from sleeping on the floor, my stomach is growling, I have a cut on my right thumb, my fingernails are too long, and I have sores on my ankles from breaking in new shoes.  Oh yeah, and my wallet is empty, too.  Pity me.  Oh well, at least my chaji isn't sore.  Then again, I do wish it was overworked...  
     Cosmology class is stupid now.  I figured, "Hey, last quarter in school, might as well learn about the universe!"  The universe is too damn hard to learn now.  My TA is Greek; I dunno how a stupid foreigner can understand this crap in English when I can't.  Maybe it's cuz he's not stupid and I am.  I know this class would have been about 2000 times easier when I was 19, before I destroyed most of my brain cells.  I think of my brain like a car battery -- all grimy and corroded, with its cell count diminishing, until one day I'm going to try and wake up, and I won't be able to think cuz my brain'll be dead.  I'll just sit and watch Buffy with drool coming out of my mouth.   
     This morning in the shower, to avoid thinking about serious (i.e. depressing) matters, I thought about picking 5 of 6 numbers right in the Lotto and how I'd spend it.  After taxes, I'd have a new car, no debts, my mom would have a new car, I'd get to travel around Japan for a couple of weeks, and have a new computer -- with about $30K left over to get a woman with.  OK, so I can't buy love -- but at least I can rent it.  
      In my Southern California history seminar, everyone in our class has to design a web page on their topic.   Me, I'm doing the History of Pro Football in LA -- reminds me a little of Jay's paper on Zen and Super Mario Kart, but who cares if I get an A and reverse the F I got last time I took a 99 class. 
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