1/8/99 -- Well, this caps off two weeks of not updating.  What a pisser. 

As a follow-up to yesterday's dream about going to 6th grade, today I had a dream where Ray and I were enrolled in 6th grade.  We sat next to some black girl who didn't like us, and behind two white dudes who thought we were cool.  My spelling sucked eggs though.  It might be b/c you dream with your right brain lobe, but spelling is managed by the left.  Whatever.

I also did a lot of shopping at some mall in my dream, and I remember getting upset with Akiyo. 

Well, I get this weekend does kick off my New Year's for me, as far as New Year's resolutions are concerned.  I guess I'll make Sunday the start of the Haole's New Year.  That means I should party alot on Saturday, huh?  Something to think about...

Oh yeah, I started smoking again -- I've been so bored and so stressed lately (such a weird combination), that last nite, instead of drinking or whatever, I found Ray's Marlboro lights and took one.  This morning I bought a pack of Camel lights.  Cigarettes relax me.  It's like meditation for me -- I just kind of sit or stand, and focus on the cigarette and inhaling.  The Zen of Puffing.

Gotta go -- I'll try to do better with this next week.

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