10/1/99 - Sup?  Sorry about yesterday; I felt like I was going to bust out and cry at any sec and so I just needed somewhere to vent, if even for a few minutes.  Yeah yeah, I'm a whiny bitch, I know you're probably thinking that.  But what can I say?  You know what I'm like; if you don't like it, don't read it.   

Well, not that you "like it" as if you enjoy reading about me impaling myself on self-misery.  That would make you a sadistic bastard.  Or a sadistic bitch -- whip me harder! 

Shit, I know I got a little fan mail from people who are going to try to boost my spirits; I'm embarrassed to read them.  To make things worse, (this is gonna be good), I e-mailed Tasha to tell her that I'm really hurting, and then told her to read my even more depressing journal entry!  Yes, I am a man a woman can be proud of.   

But I called her when I got home from work today...she is so sweet and caring and fun, I just wanna melt into the phone like Clayface when I talk to her...oh, and she's hot, but she doesn't want me admitting that. 

First day of work was today; it was cool because I just got to sit around and watch my supervisor do her job so I can get an idea of what I'm going to be expected to do.  It was pretty slow, I guess, so my first day of actually doing shit won't be til Monday.  But it was good;  I wasn't just thrown into the fire and left to roast.   

I'm not gonna say much about work here; I work in a law firm in the Long Beach area, and I'm going to be doing paralegal work for them.  Beyond that, I'm gonna try to learn from lesson that those oh-so-fun people at my old firm made me learn the hard way, and I'm not gonna say much about work or especially the people who work there.  Don't know if I'm gonna have net access, and even if I did, I'm not gonna update this there. I'll resort to Kinko's in the meanwhile. 

Plus, I got a freaky e-mail yesterday from a guy who used to work at Loeb; he quit before I ever started there, but he got the address of this journal from someone else who used to work there, and so now I'm even more paranoid about people finding my rant zone. 

Turkey, Greece, Taiwan, Mexico...Gee, I'm so glad I live in a place where earthquakes never occur. 

Don't know what's up with the shower situation; this morning I just took one upstairs.  The lady moves in tomorrow.  It's not that I have a problem with Ray's mom's reasoning -- this was pretty short notice, I was aware of what was up, and she wants to keep her house clean and make her other tenant (who's paying more than I) happy.  It's all on me, not Ray's mom.   

OK, that's it -- just wanted to update again.  I'll try to get back into my regularly scheduled bullshit sometime soon.  Peace out.
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