10/4/99 - Ugh.  Weird weekend.  Unexciting, but weird.  Did nothing Friday except hang out at Kinko's.  Also talked to Tasha briefly.  Sat around depressed on Saturday and played Final Fantasy VIII.  It was just like this time last year, except I wasn't having phone sex with anyone.  Hmm, maybe I should bring that up with Tasha...anyhow, Tasha called me on Saturday night and we talked for an hour or so.  Interesting chat; she's paying for this precious time we have together, and what do we talk about?  Drugs, skirts, and gay bars with memberships.  Fuck that luvvy duvvy shit, we got real issues to discuss!

Just so painful to think about Tasha -- something I want so badly, but she just seems so out of reach.  OK, OK, I'll stop moaning about her....heh, I wish I could really moan about her, heh.  Yah, I'm sure some of you think I must be a fucking nut for falling for a girl I've never met and don't know when I will meet her, yet still being so into her.  But you don't know her.  Yes, she's that special  Yes, I'm that devoted ("devoted" could also be interpreted as "insane").  

Oh yeah, the bathroom situation is all cleared up.  Sorry to make you worry (I'm sure you were all on the proverbial pins and fucking needles).  But I guess the ajima is cool with us sharing it.  I just gotta keep it neat.  No probs.  Now if only I can find someplace to put all my clothes.  The whining never stops...

How much I miss drinking -- went down to our old dive bar to watch football, and a couple of the boys got pretty drunk.  I got tired of sucking on Diet Cokes, so I essentially volunteered to drink four Red Bulls.  I felt very little in the way of a buzz or a high, and very much in the way of a stomach ache.  Ugh.  Gotta find a more reliable bud hook-up (among other things); spending $6-$8 for Red Bulls is an amazing waste of money.  Especially when I'm broke.  

Oh yeah, so after we leave the bar, we go over to the neighboring 7-11, cuz the boys are hungry and I needed to pick up some Red Bull.  So I buy my Red Bulls, but Ray and Farand are taking forever at the chili and cheese bar while they're getting their nachos.  So after about 10 minutes, they finally emerge with a nacho container filled entirely with chili and cheese.  They had the nachos in a separate bag, in addition to a big bag of Doritos they ought and a container of salsa dip that they pilfered.  On the way over to Wells Fargo (I borrowed $200 from Farand), Farand tells me that the Indian 7-11 clerk went over to them while the were at the chili and cheese bar, and said, "What are you doing?  I sell nachos, not chili.  You've got enough chili there to feed a family!"  

Shit, tomorrow's Monday; I got work tomorrow.  <--Been a while since I uttered that.  

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