11/13/98 -- So I haven't done this for a few days.  I haven't been here (Hell) for a few days.  I've been playing hooky.  Haven't really done anything, except help screw up Ray's rims, but that's it.  Yeah, yesterday I was having Ray take me to work (because he's my bitch), and we're trying to find a street to take me up to my building, and Ray is totally not looking when he hits this gianormous pothole.  It was huge -- like the Grand Canyon moved to California.  Anyhow, last nite Ray notices his alignment is jacked, and then when we get to Cliff's to imbibe, his right front rim is jutting out like a broken bone.  It looked pretty nasty, like one of those injuries you see on Monday Night Football you just have to turn away from but can't b/c you're a sick bastard.  Anyhow, he's gonna see if he can have Keith Higa the drunken rim specialist at Cliff's get him a deal on a new rim.  And I'm gonna pay half, b/c I'm a man of honor!   Snicker....
     Wanted to wake up hella early today so I could get to work early and chat with Akiyo, who's been at work since 7:00 so she can leave at two to go up north.  But I fell back to sleep and instead had some bizarre dream involving planes, Greyhounds, Harley-Davidson go-carts, Phil, Valmont, Kurt Cobain, and a bunch of weird people I didn't know but whom one of him said he got some from Akiyo. 
     I'm supposed to be acting sick, like I'm recovering from the flu and it's an effort for me to be here.  I'm not doing a very good job. 
     I'm not going to be able to move into Sheela's old place in Culver City.  That's killing me.  Of course, I haven't told Sheela, or her manager, this yet.  Don't ask me why b/c I don't wanna talk about it.  If I can make up a good excuse, I'll tell you that.  OK, my credit sucks and there's no way I'm getting it.  It's hard to admit that to Sheela, and especially Maya, and eventually everyone else when I get around to telling them, b/c it just reeks of irresponsibility.  Yeah, before, if you had asked me what one thing is that I'd like to change about myself, I'd have said "Better looking," or "More intelligent."  Now it's "More responsible." 
     Although, you know, being more intelligent or better looking would be nice to.  Or if I could stop being white!  Yeah, that'd rock. 
     Saw a woman on the bus today who had more hair on her chin than Ray is capable of growing.  <Shudder>  How do you let yourself get like that?  I'd be too ashamed to leave the house.  I'd just rot and die in my house if I was a female and couldn't get rid of my facial hair.   Bleh.  But thankfully most women aren't as superficial as me.  B/c if they were, then there would be a ton of dead women in the world, and the only ones allowed out of the house would be anorexic non-white women who wear too much make-up and perfume.  YEAH!
   Three top aggravating things in my life right now:
          1) Work (especially Duc, this evil muthafucka I share the workroom with and who I hope is eaten by locusts)
          2) Apartment Hunting problems
          3) Akiyo -- well, she's not aggravating, it's just that it's...complex.
     There, three things I need to resolve, and maybe I will, right here in the, uh, pages of Stark Raving Mad.
     And no, I'm not going all obsessive about Akiyo.  At least I'm not trying to pull a Ray.

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