11/16/98 --  Traitor bitches.  They're the worst.  And they're such a quandary in my life.  Well, they might be.
     See, Phil knew this white dude, whose name I forget.  Anyhow, Phil's White Friend (PWF) was like me, or how I used to be, in that he was into the whole Asian thing and shit -- well, he was more into than I was, going to clubs more often and just generally refining a higher sense of "Asian Coolness" than yours truly (I was a little closer to "Asian Nerdiness").  Anyhow, PWF was with Phil one time, and he sees this Asian girl with some white dude, and PWF snickers, "Traitor Bitch". 
     Anyhow, Phil gets to know me later, and he learns that I'm sympathetic to Asian guys and I hate white guys.  He tells me this story, and so now I think of Asian Girls who dig white guys as traitor bitches. (Just to clarify, it's mostly just a AF/WM kind of thing.  I don't think badly of Asian females and black guys, or Hispanic Women and Bengali guys, or Maori chicks and Navajo men, etc). 
     So the other day I'm sitting around with Ray, watching TV, when we see some Asian honey with a white guy.  Naturally I remark, "Traitor bitch!"  Ray nods his head and smiles and says, "So, how does this apply to you liking Asian women?  If you went out with an Asian girl, wouldn't she be a traitor bitch?" 
     I look back and Ray and give him a sincere, honest answer to this difficult quandary:
     "I try not to think about that."
     Cuz I don't know what to think.  I mean, I have Asian female friends who are into white guys (Traito......no, I will resist).  Do I think low of them?  I can't say I honestly do.  I guess I would prefer it if they dated Asian guys, but what are you gonna do?  Can't please everybody.
     And so what about me?  If I ever get an Asian girlfriend (It's a fantasy, play along, please), will I disrespect her by thinking of her as a traitor bitch?  I don't know.  I guess the simple thing would be to drop (another) one of my convictions and stop worrying about traitor bitches.  I mean, yeah, it's kind of silly, and it's not totally serious (I don't hate white guys), but, y'know, I worry about shit like this -- I don't wanna jump on the whitey bandwagon and run over the Asian guys who are getting run over and left behind by traitorous bitches.
     I guess it's a dog eat dog (or man eat woman, heh-heh) kind of world, which I never liked. 
     Maybe that's why I have so many problems.
     Maybe I'm just a tard.
     Oh, but oooh damn, the girl working at the Sunglass Hut near Nordstrom's in the Cerritos Mall is HOT.  Like, sizzling, melt butter on her cheek hot.  She was so hot, I needed to buy shades, and guess what she was selling!  Yeah, I bought sunglasses b/c the girl working the counter was gorgeous.  Like you've never done something stupid for a woman.  Or a man.  Whatever.
     As an aside, tthere's like five Sunglass Huts in the Cerritos Mall, I don't know why.  It's enclosed.  Maybe the lighting gets brighter in certain spots, and people feel the need to buy a new pair of sunglasses.  "Boy, I walked from the Gap to Macy's, and jeezus, was it bright!  I had to buy a new pair of Oakleys!").  They do the same thing with escalators and restrooms, positioning them so that people have to walk around more and see more things to buy. 
     Doh, forgot to tell you the story I heard this morning that made me think about traitor bitches.  Here, try this

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