11/18/98 --  I know that lotsa Open Page writers keep a page of "little known or uninteresting facts" about themselves.  I know that it's self-absorbed and a waste of bandwidth.  It's also simple to do, rather than having to worry about paragraphs and sentence structure, so I think I'll put one of those up, but under the guise of "Haole Trivia".  Maybe I'll have it up by tomorrow.
     This mix tape thing is killing me.  I took a peep at Ray's CDs last nite while he was busy, preparing for his partner to give a presentation in his Women's Study Class.  But out of 300 cds, I don't know what to make a tape of out of.  I'm making lists, but there are certain things you can't do, like black music and white music together.  Not because it's anything racial, but because it doesn't flow well together.  And since my previous 10 years or so were taken up with hip-hop and dance music, I don't have much white music knowledge.  Help me.  Send me lists of good mix tape recordings, and I'll substitute in songs for ones I don't like.  For example, if you send me, oh, "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins, I'll put in something by Bon Jovi, b/c let's face it, Bon Jovi kicks Billy Corban (Corbin?)'s butt.
     How odd, Courtney Love went out with a guy named Corbin and married a guy named Cobain.  Both are/were famous musicians.
     You know, Koreans shouldn't work fast food.  They aren't good at it.  I don't know what it is, but they're missing that "fast food gene".  A couple of times in the past few weeks, I've been to Sorabou, which is a Korean rice/noodle place in the food court at the Cerritos Mall.  The service is slow, and not real helpful.  I order the spicy pork noodle (korean translation anyone?  Something-myun I assume? )  And they don't ask me if I want a drink with my spicy pork noodle, either.  They're like retarded tortoises, I swear.  Oh, and they make me reach over to pick up my tray.  But at least the servers are cute. 
     After his trip to DC last summer, Ray was saying that Mexicans work fast food the best.  He was quite displeased with the lack of quality service provided by African-Americans.  I'm not sure what his criticisms of their work habits wear, but when he came back he told me that California has the best made fast food.  So whenever anybody wants to crack on immigration to the US, just think of where our great fast food service would go?  Straight to hell, that's where.
     I hate my job.  Did I tell you that?  If a bomb went off in my office (while  I was conveniently away), I'd prance about in joy until others would say, "Hey, look at the gay dude dancing around.  Let's kick his ass."

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