11/24/98 -- I was sorta looking for ways to re-energize my diminished writing abilities, like Decepticons looking for new sources of energon, so I decided to look at a few random journals for inspiration.   I want to try "installing" a topic rather than continue on the usual "Haole's stream-of-conscious-ramblings-about-depressing-thoughts."  By giving some of them topics I guess I'm trying to give them focus, which I guess is sorta like writing essays.  Of course, I'd rather do multiple-choice than essay but remembering to bring a scantron and a #2 pencil to my computer is too much to remember. 

Anyhow, after pouring over the last  six months of Jen Wade's journal, one topic of conversation dawned on me: work.

Ooh, work...I work in a library, ooh exciting!  Oh, even better,  I work in a law library, where there are exactly zero books of interest to anyone with out the snotty abbreviation "Esq." after their names.   Yeah, I sit around and have people dump shit on me.  "Get this"," get that"," I need", "Will you", "We need,"....somehow my needs always come short in all this.  So yeah, I sit around at this little tiny area and open packages and process books and route materials and pull cases.  It's phenomenally boring, and I have no chance of advancing anywhere while I'm at this job.  I should quit, but now I'm kind of stuck at it so I can't.  And of course, it gives me free access to a computer, so that's a small positive.

Despite what you might hear to the contrary, attorneys are generally pushy assholes who deserve a good beat down or two.  I don't know who  "contrary" person is, but chances are he or she is an attorney as well, and could use a smack down or two.

OK, so who do I work with, besides 80 attorneys, paralegals, and their culls secretaries and the support staff?  Well, there's...

The Deej -- My boss, she's generally very moody, very apt to complain, and likes to disappear on drug binges.  OK, just kidding about that last part.  She knows her stuff b/c she's got a law degree and a Masters in Library Science, actually makes me feel sorry for her.  Oh yeah, and (sssh!) She's also a lesbian (Ssssh!)  But you're not supposed to know that.  Neither am I.

The Duc -- No, not John Wayne, more like the anti-John Wayne -- short, Vietnamese, and oh yeah HE'S GAY!  The latter wouldn't be so hard to notice save for the girlish laugh, the hot pink polo shirt, and the photo of his "West Hollywood soccer club".  He's like 40, annoying, pushy, and bitter b/c he's stuck in a lame job.  Also known as "Princess Ting-Ting".

Weenerdude -- Weenerdude is the newest guy around here.  He supposedly knows a lot about computers and libraries, although he has failed to demonstrate that to anyone.  What he has managed to demonstrate is that he looks and sounds like a complete idiot.  He wears these oversized glasses that make it look like he's ten.

Lan -- Lan is this sweet yet freakish lady who is the reference librarian around here.  I'd bag on her more, but I feel sorry for her b/c she wars with the Deej. 

Akiyo -- you can check Cast of Characters for a profile of her.  She works down at our Century City office, and manages from time to time to not get anything done at all except gossip about everyone else.  Like everyone else, she seems to enjoy giving me work to do.  I take it from her b/c of a hormonal attraction, not b/c I have to.

The politics of a law library are quite fascinating.  See, the Deej wars with Lan, while everyone else (except me and Weenerdude) hates the Deej.  The Duc resents Weenerdude b/c Weenerdude got the job that he wanted, but Weenerdude is too culls to pick up on this.  Akiyo doesn't like anyone except for Lan and me (I think), while I manage to like and resent everyone at the same time.  Except for the Duc, who I hate. 

So, in conclusion (don't you love my essay writing skills), I can conclude that even though work sucks, I need to keep at it until I find some money to do other things. 

Work sucks. 

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