11/30/98 -- Well, I managed to live through the long weekend without drinking, which, I think, deserves a hearty round of applause.  (Sounds of silence.   Crickets chirping.  A frog croaking)  <SIGH>  Yeah, it wasn't easy, and it's not something I feel completely good about.  I mean, I like drinking, I'm pretty good at it (and was getting even better), and it bums people out that I don't drink.  Well, some people.  I was really nervous before I told any of the boyz about it, expecting scorn and condemnation to be heaped down on me like Christ carrying the cross (Sacrilege?  Fuck you!)  And when Das heard about it, he let out a curt laugh and muttered a sarcastic, "Yeah, right."   So I was paranoid about ruining everyone's good time, and I was sorta on the money.  That was evident on Thursday, Winston's last nite out with the boyz before heading up to Santa Clara or wherever he is now -- I'm still not exactly sure. 

Yeah, I felt like a fifth wheel, or even a sixth wheel, by not drinking on Thursday, although Paul didn't either (helping me bear the cross, like Cyrus or somebody New Testament, right?).  I also didn't drink Friday nite during "Let's-Test-Out-Haole's-New-Four-Way-Multitap-And-NBA-Live-99" celebration.  Or yesterday, when Das and I were at Qualcomm Stadium parking lot, there was more beer flowing there than either Das or I've ever seen in our entire  lives.  And later, while watching the Charger/Bronco game from a sports bar in SD (more on that later).  Das ordered a pitcher and drank that in front of my longing eyes, and then ordered another pitcher.  When the second pitcher of a boner-inducing Hefeweizen (well, boner-inducing if you're a beer-guzzling alky) came, Das realized, "Oh shit, you're not drinking."  So I sat there with my iced tea, powerless to aid Dasmando as he conquered the second pitcher. 

Yeah, quitting drinking is not gonna be easy.  When I was being hospitable and putting some beerz in the fridge on Friday, I found myself clutching a can of Coors Lite and thinking, "Just one can, nobody'll know, nobody'll know...".  Although Akiyo is proud of me.  So's Nicole.  Terrific, two people I don't hang out with on a regular basis.  In addition, Winston's gone off to a better life with his woman up north, assuming a 7.9 doesn't crash their roof on top of them.  Which would suck, but hey, we all take risks.   In any case, it's one less person to hang with, drinker or not.

So yeah, not drinking was both the highlight and lowlight of a weekend that had lots of highlights and lowlights, often simultaneous.  There was the $200 splurge at Best Buy of the aforementioned multitap, NBA Live 99, not to mentioned the two extra controllers, memory card, and Final Fantasy VII.  This purchase left Jizm to remark, "You have credit problems, and you bought all that?", which left me to reply, "Shut up."   Also, the trip to San Diego is in the dual-running for highlight/lowlight of the weekend -- I got to see my old stomping grounds in Rancho Bernardo for a few minutes, which was pleasant.  However, the hordes of Bronco fans who descended upon the Big Q ensured that no scalped tickets would be available for under $100, and that after wandering around the parking lot after a two-hour drive, Das and I settled on watching the game from a sports bar in Sabre Springs, where we ate the best pizza that Das said he had since he was in Chicago two years ago.  And it was quite good.  Of course, I had no beer, which was bad.  Or good.

You decide.

Actually, while wandering around looking for scalpers (which basically means looking for black people just standing around), we passed by two pairs of Charger Girls, in uniform, on their way into the stadium.  Mmm...cheerleaders.....and one of em' was just, oh, 5'1, body of a ten-year old boy....gotta love it.  And it was a little chilly too, so you know what that means -- nippleage.  Yeah, I figured out I have a cheerleader thang -- they're athletic and in good shape, thin, pretty, can dance...everything I want to be, except in a woman! 

And I swear, if one more person, especially a shrink, in response to me telling them I've never had a girlfriend, replies, "Never?!?!" I'm cutting them off at the knees.

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