11/30/98 -- When I was younger, I was pretty much a tight-ass, law-and-order, right-and-wrong sorta guy.  I am still stuck on a kind of knee-jerk primitive morality, but my morals have slackened quite a bit.  I don't regard myself as a criminal or a crook, but you know, I did the underage drinking thing, the bag of weed a week thing, the steal candy bars if I'm hungry thing, etc.

Anyhow, Das told me a story that is bound to keep me on the straight-and-narrow for quite sometime.  Five or six years ago at Sunny Hills High in Fullerton, like five honors students clubbed their friend and classmate to death with a baseball bat.  I remember reading about it at the time, but it didn't really capture the public's imagination that, say, Zsa Zsa Gabor bitch-slapping a cop did.  As it turns out, Das' ex-girlfriend was roommates with one of the guy's sister, and Das' friend Pete (who's got a fantastic nickname -- Big Korea), who's now a minister-to-be, I guess knew her as well.  Or something.

So anyhow, Das goes to church (!) on Sunday morning to hear Pete give a guess sermon, and sometime at church Das learns the fate of the four dudes who are serving time for murder (the brother ratted and got a light sentence).  Turns out that they all have AIDS from, as Das so eloquently put it, "...getting buttrammed so many times in prison". 

Das followed up his story with a morale to live by -- "And this is the reason why I do not commit crimes!"

I think I'll keep this story in mind for whenever I think about committing a criminal act.  More importantly, if I ever have kids, this is the kind of story that I'll tell them to keep them in line.  "Don't hit your brother!  If you do that again, you'll go to prison where you'll be buttrammed so often you'll get AIDS!"  My kids would show their pop a little respect then.  Fear of rape and AIDS scares me alot more than years of litigation followed by lethal injection or the gas chamber. 

Little white and Asian boys should not commit crimes.  Like with Jeremy Strohmeyer, this dood who molested and killed a little girl in a Nevada casino and was caught on a security camera doing it.  When I heard about that muthafucka, I thought, "Damn, muthafucka betta hope for the death penalty, b/c if his ass gets released into the general population, he's gonna be D-E-A-D, and that's 187 on the strength."  White boy from Long Beach molests and kills a little black girl...unnh, it's gonna be painful for his dumb ass.  I think they should plaster billboards of some high-school age kid getting gang-raped in a cell all over the state -- now THAT will reduce crime.

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