11/5/98 -  Not too many things bring a smile to my face nowadays.  The long commute through south central LA on public transportation deprives me of many of the joys I used to enjoy in life, like, predictably, hot young Asian women.  The women who I do come across are usually tremendously overweight, middle-aged black or Hispanic women, often carrying several children in tow.  That does not do it for me.  The occasional attractive woman I do see usually looks like she's about 15, and she'll be carrying a kid as well.
     So yeah, few things brighten my day in the morning.  But this morning I couldn't help but laugh when Jimmy the Sports Guy on KROQ brought up Se Ri Pak (young Korean golfer's sponsor's spokesperson -- Kim Dong Suk. 
     I know I know, it's terrible to bag on someone b/c of their name, but c'mon -- Dong Suk.  OK, I know it's pronounced a little differently than it looks, but really - Dong Suk.  Kim Dong Suk is right up there with Phat Ho and Phuq Ho.  So what if Dong Suk can't help that ignorant Americans make fun of his name (I'm guessing it's a guy).  You  can suck my dong!   Imagine introducing him to friends, "Hello, this is Dong Suk."  It's not just a name, it's an occupation. 
     Be awesome to have a girlfriend named Dong Suk.  You wouldn't just be yelling her name, you'd be commanding her as the same time...
     The other thing was that I noticed the Blue Line car I was in today had a plaque on Azusa.  See, every train car has a little plaque about some city in LA, containing one paragraph of stunningly uninteresting information about that town.  Well today I was riding in Azusa, which is a very uninteresting place except for its slogan -- "Everything from A to Z in the USA."  I thought it was amusing.
    Anyhow, the lack of sexual stimulation is killing me.  Everyday I have to go through the LA Times for a particular attorney here, so I can pick out articles that apply to his ACLU biz.  Every few days, Macy's or Robinson's-May has these multi-page ads featuring svelte models in various modes of dress or undress.  They get fairly attractive women in these ads, especially the "models of color".  Today was a letdown -- sweaters and jackets.  But sometimes they have bra and panty ads.  Those are the best.  And it's cool, b/c I can glance longingly at them, but if anyone ever asks (and they never do), I can say I'm just looking for articles on voting rights or LA city charter reform.  Of course, there are no articles on anything on these ad pages -- just articles of clothing (ha!).  They also advertise for women to join the "Bra and Panty Club".  Sounds like some group for Japanese perverts.
     Check that -- all Japanese men are perverts. 
     And yes, that's my sexual stimulation for the day.  Here's an example of what I go through during my commute:
     Today I was off in my own little galaxy on the bus, when I noticed this semi-attractive woman who sitting in front of me.  I totally hadn't noticed her and was surprised I hadn't, since I am alledgedly the horniest guy anyone knows.  Anyhow, she quickly stood up to get off at her stop, and I cursed myself momentarily for not seeing her sooner.  But then I look at her erect body -- she was wearing shorts, and, uh Gawd....let's just say that right now there is a water buffalo walking around Africa, missing its thighs.  This woman stole them, and put them on herself.  It was frightening. 

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