11/9/98 -- I've really lost interest in life.  Living, responsibility, my health -- that sort of thing -- it really doesn't mean much to me anymore.  I realized this after a weekend of drinking.  Not stone piss, fall on the floor, yack on my shirt kind of drunk (unfortunately), but enough to keep a hella good buzz going during the evening and into the night.  Additionally, I didn't just drink the usual beer.  No no, this weekend, every night, I had at least one shot of the good stuff -- $5 Alcohol Puro.  If you find yourself drinking Alcohol Puro, then yeah, you too could conclude that you have lost interest in life yourself, or at least your general well-being. 
     Alcohol Puro is like 192 proof, or something like that.  It's 96% percent booze. Basically, it's drinking rubbing alcohol.  If you're drinking the stuff and get drunk and fall down and gash your head open on the sidewalk or a piece of furniture, it's convenient to have to prevent infection.  "Dood, Haole fell down and split his face open!  Quick, get that bottle of Alcohol Puro out of his hands and pour it on his face!"  But yeah, it's strong stuff.  The warning at the bottom of the label, according to the translation of Mitch is "Not for human consumption," or something like that.  Previously, the literal translation was reported to be "Too much drinking of this will cause bye-bye."
     Mitch is the only Latino I've hung out with since the 7th grade (I grew up in a white neighborhood, I'm embarrassed about it, leave me alone now.  Please.)
     So yeah, that was my weekend.  That and organizing my CDs (which took a few hours), and running up the score on Arizona Sate while winning the national title in NCAA 99.  I'm undefeated in two seasons.  I'm sure all the chicks out there are just swooning, ain'tcha?
     Oh yeah, today is Paurno's birthday.  He's, uh, old.  Give him love.  Give him a blow job while you're at it.
     Bought a Sublime album (no, not for Paul).  I'm turning white.  It's inevitable, if I live to the release date, that I'm going to buy Offspring's album.  I also want the Cardigans new one.  (BTW, I ended up buying books at Borders last week, not any CDs).  I know nothing about quality music -- I just know what I like to hear.  A youth of nothing but Weird Al, supplemented by an adolescence and college existence of hip-hop, has left me with no taste in music.  My "peers" (I'm white, so I can no longer refer to them as my homies or niggaz), ramble on about the Stone Roses or the Cure or gay British dance bands, and I can only sigh and wish I knew something.  Spouting outdated NWA trivia no longer matches up. 
     But do YOU know the real names of the founding members of NWA? 

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