11/9/98 -- Argh, why do I make things go wrong for myself?  Argh, I am a big fucking moron.  Argh!
     Kate Moss checked her ten-year-old-boy's ass into a Betty Ford-like clinic for exhaustion.  Apparently she has a weakness for booze and weed.  So do I!  I'm exhausted, too, why don't I check in to some clinic with Kate Moss?  I could get my life together and get some!  But wait, I have no money.  I have negative money.  Argh!
     In addition to my thousands of dollars in unpaid debts, you can chock up another $175 in Akiyo bills.  Argh!  So I ran up like $450 in phone calls to her.  And now I get depressed whenever I talk to her dumb ass, b/c she just talks about work and how well she's feeling, and I've got shit to talk about except for my suicidal depressed thoughts.  Argh!  It sucks, even worse than having her not interested in talkign to me -- all my dork-ass friends (yes, dork-ass is now a term.  Feel free to use it) think I'm going to inevitably get some from her, and my parents think she's my girlfriend.  OK, so I'm sorta to blame for the latter especially (how else do you explain a gianormous phone bill one month on their calling card?), but still....it's like I don't have something in my life everyone else thinks I have -- just like everything else.
     So yeah, I have nothing going on in my life, I hate myself and want to die, and I've got to figure out something to get Paul, even though I have no time and no way of getting to a store to get him a gift by tonite.  Well, the Korean Market and KFC are on the way home -- maybe I'll buy him a carton of Marlboro's and a bucket of chicken.
      Mmm-mm, and some of dem French Fried Potaters, I reckon they'd be good eatin'.
     BTW, for all you movie geeks (like me), the Star Wars I trailer will be released on November 20, and it'll be up to the discretion of theatre managers which films to run it in front of.  I got thisclose to going to Westwood this past weekend just to catch The Siege w/Maya and crew, b/c her friend Sairam told her it was definitely showing in front of that.  Hmmph, shows you what Maya's friends know.  She should hang out with my friends -- she can learn about the medicinal properties of beer and football.
         You know, I'm gonna put up a page one of these days that details my job and the hell that it is.  Cuz God, it sucks -- I could ramble on for hours just about the Duc, the most annoying person you could ever hope (or not hope) to be stuck in a room with. 
     Go Bruins.

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