12/1/98 -- I'm learning I should keep in better touch with people via da phone.  Since I've gotten a pager, I've been very lazy about calling people back, which can lead to panic and frustration if people can't get a hold of me.  I told Jenny I give her a call to hang out with some British guy who flew in to hang out with her.  (Yes, her charm is so great that men fly in  people fly in from other countries just to be with her).  I wound up going to see the doctor and walk around the mall and in the rain for awhile instead, and I didn't let her know.  So I'm an ignorant.  But I guess I didn't miss out on too much -- he was British, after all.

According to Jenny, the Tory says things like, "Blimey."  Blimey is not an American word; it's a goddamn foreign word, and one I don't wanna hear over the weekend of an American holiday.  Now on the other hand, "Motherfucker" is a very American word, so I took great pride in casting about "motherfuckers" as if they were casual greetings (Which they are.   Witness:  "Mutherfucker!  What's up?"

Das and Butt came by yesterday after having Todai with Pete.  Mmm...Todai....Todai is a chain of sushi-buffet places around the Southland.  There's even one in Escondido.  It's like $10 for lunch for all you can eat ($13 at the one featuring shabu shabu in Brentwood).  So good...

But I digress -- Das and Butt came by cuz they wanted to play WWF Warzone for shots.  Of course, I don't drink anymore.   And Ray's mom made him stay downstairs to study (you can e-mail him and tell him he's a momma's boy).   So it was just me and Das and Butt, but Das split pretty soon, so it was just me and Butt.  That was cool -- we tried figuring out who was on the 88 USC and UCLA teams while playing NCAA 99'.  Just like old times.  Butt and I used to rant on about football for ages...then I started smoking out and alienated him.  Then I puked on his clothes, which alienated him more.  But he's proven to be a bigger man than I, and I appreciate that.

Work has been OK.  My boss came in and went down to hang out with Akiyo in our Century City office.  She stopped by and told me that Duc probably wasn't coming in "...because he's upset."  Apparently he's having problems with his lover/partner guy, Scott.  Normally I'd blame it on the white guy, but Duc is such an ass I'll assume it's at least 1/2 his fault.  Anyhow, Duc does come in, but then twenty minutes later he leaves, saying he wasn't feeling well.  I hope he doesn't come back -- guy is such an annoying prick.  "Quick question for you..." <--- He says this to everyone he talks to, and it's never a quick question.  Argh!  Hate this job.

Nicole says I should stay in it.  Ray says I should quit.  Akiyo says I should quit if I want to, but not before she does.  My mom says I should quit.  My shrink says I should stick with it.  Phil says I should get some. 

Yeah, I'm seeing a shrink.  Again.  Only seen her once, however.  I was gonna mention it later, but it sorta popped in here.  I'll blab on about it some other time, maybe after I get a few more sessions under my belt.  No, my decision to quit drinking was not made by my shrink, although it was applauded. 

Phil should be a shrink.  He'd be the best.  "Stop bitching about your problems and get some!  That'll be $120, please."

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