12/11/98 -- Christmas time is here, time for toys, and time for beer.  No, that's not right!  Not drinking, and having friends who drink a lot is not an easy situation to deal with, especially if they're drunk and aren't really considering if you want to go to bed or not, or even where you want to go to bed.  But nevermind.

Hey, what do Buddhists do for Christmas? I mean, like, ones here in the US?  I knew a few growing up and in college, although I don't remember what any of them did for it -- if they celebrated it or not.  Some probably do.  Bu then again, some probably don't -- doesn't it encourage suffering by giving gifts that people desire?  My grasp of what it takes to achieve Buddha-hood is surprisingly delicate considering how many frigging classes I took and how many people I was surrounded by.  I dunno, I was just wondering since they've been playing the two Chanukah songs on the radio a ton now.  Yesterday I started singing in my head

When you feel like the only kid in school, 
Without a Christmas tree,
Here's a list of people who are Buddhist, 
Just like you and me...

Jackie Chan, uh, does something,
Italian soccer hero, um, I forget his name...

(and then it sorta dies)

So there, that's what I wonder about.  That and hamburger prices in Hawaii.

But I gotta buy presents.  Shit.  When I was living in San Diego, I'd wait until I went home for break, and then spend about 8 hours a day, driving around to every mall in the county (and it's a beeeg county), looking for the perfect gift for someone (and for myself as well).  I can't do that here.  It's the Cerritos mall or bust, unless I can get a ride somewhere better.  Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Akiyo, so I'd better get her something, like, tonite.  Maybe a bra...nah.  She could use it, but it's sorta inappropriate.  Not that she doesn't wear bras, it's just that, um, she has an incredible need for support.  Heh.

God, she's been a headache this year -- "So Haole, when are you get some from the Japanese chick?  What's her name?  Ayako?"  <--- conversation I've had with every guy I know at some point in the last four months.  But we also had some good times, despite the brevity of the duration. 

Of course now she cancels for tomorrow and wants to reschedule for Sunday.  There was some reason why I didn't wanna do Sunday but I can't remember it.  Eh, fuck it. 

Maybe I'll just sit around and masturbate.

Phillio's dog, Valmont, was put to sleep today.  He was really upset about it so he drank by himself last nite and then called Ray, who was drunk himself.  Phil's really upset b/c Valmont never scored, and he died of arthritis and a bad shoulder without ever getting any.  Phil keeps trying to get me to get some I don't wind up an old white virgin, just like Valmont.

Of course, I should get some so that I can get out of paying Das the dinner at the Masahisa and whatever the hell it is I'm gonna end up owing Ray.

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