12/16/98 -- I know I haven't been keeping up as of late, and that's been bugging me, but what can I do?  The Duc is on a rampage.  The Deej was out a few days, and while the queen was away, the Princess had the rule of the land.  God, I hate him.  We've had some problems with our health insurance provider, so there were some meetings to announce changes.  Well, Duc wants to go, so he piles his work onto me so that he can go.  I do the work, miss the meetings, and find out later that we're changing to Aetna, which really bites since I can find no evidence that they provide coverage for mental health care.  So three weeks into therapy, and I am royally fucked.  I am not a happy man.

Y'know what it is with the Duc?  I'm the one person in this place, maybe the world, that he can get away with pushing around.  So he takes advantage of it.

Shit like this is why I  have had no time to do any updating here.  I swear, the word "homicide" is making appearances in my thoughts. 

Had lunch with Akiyo on Sunday.  Brief -- we just complained about our lives.  No, I didn't tell her I got the remedy for her problems right here.  She looked good, though.

Been doing a little bit o' X-mas shopping.  In the past, I'd wait until I went home to San Diego, then spend four or five days driving around to every mall in the county three or four times, looking for that perfect gift.  This year, with a little more money but no time (and no access to a car), I'm leaning heavily on the on-line shopping & gift card approach.  Sucks, I really don't have anyone I feel comfortable with ordering porn for.  There's Phil, but he got hisself a woman.  Ray sorta gave it up, plus how we he explain that to his mom?  Mmm...mebbe I'll order Ray AND his mom a porno.  Yeah, maybe there's some Asian porn with older asian guys.  I'm sure those perverted Japanese bastards have something like that.

The Japanese are incredibly perverted bastards.  I know people say, "Oh, they just don't have anachronistic Judeo-Christian hang-ups over sex."  Whatever.  They're pervs and they know it.

Flipping through The Economist this morning, I came across and article on, "Great Tits."  The Economist isn't exactly where you expect to find articles on great tits, average tits or even bad tits for that matter.  The opening paragraph begins

A group of unfortunate great tits in Finland has just helped to answer two questions -- one theoretical and one practical.  The theoretical concerns the honest of the signals that animals send to each other.  The practical one is how the effects of pollution can be assessed by looking at animals who fall victim to it. 

Turns out its about these little birds called "great tits,"  as he tells you in the second paragraph, but y'know he was having fun with this article.  I think in the following weeks his articles are gonna be on peckers,bitches, and one on fat asses in Mexico. 

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