12/17/98 -- Who'd a thunk the best Christmas gift I bought someone might be the cheapest?  Yesterday I was sending a friend a gift certificate from Amazon.com (I know it's a lame gift, shut up already), and I saw something there about the destination being either US or an international delivery.  That made me think of the question,"Who do I know overseas?"  And then I thought, Sharon.

So I e-mail her a $20 gift certificate to Hong Kong.  She ends up leaving a message on Ray's answering machine and leaves me a voicemail, both of which I listened to, oh, about 10 times each.  But after a while a few hours of Final Fantasy VII (the dialogue on Dawson's Creek forced a retreat upstairs, although the dialogue in FFVII isn't exactly Shakespearean, either), I turned that off and lay in bed, contemplating how to spend my remaining nocturnal moments.  Then I here Ray shouting, "Phone!"  I pick it up and it was her.

No, I didn't pull a 1-800-GETSOME with her.  We just talked about bullshit, and I was tripping over the fact that I've never spoken to someone outside of North America before.  She's fine, and she might be out here in February.  She kept telling me to visit her, saying that I "look like an international guy".  I thanked her for saying that, since I normally think I look like trailer park trash. 

(Little known fact: The lead singer of The Knack, the band that performed My Sharona, his brother was Jack Kevorkian's defense attorney, and he also ran for the governor's office in Michigan as a Democrat, losing by an astounding margin).

So that made my day pleasant.  Didn't get much shopping done, so tonite I gotta run around the oh-so-boring Cerritos mall.  At least there's cute underage Filipinas working the counters.  <SIGH> To be 17 again.  Actually, I wasn't any closer to getting some at 17 than I am now, or if I was, I didn't know about it.  So that's my plan for tonite (Shop, not be 17).  Gotta have a list (and check it twice) before I go there, since my window of shopping will only be about 1 1/2 hours. 

I'm going home (well, Jacksonville, which is more like a half-way house) on Saturday.  Did I mention that?  Yeah, I'll be out of here all next week.  I'll try to get some updating done from home, if I can remember to snag Ray's password for his Bruin. 

It's pretty sad, I only have three reasons to go home:

  1. My parents would make me feel eternally guilty if I didn't
  2. No Duc
  3. My dog
  4. No Duc (OK, that's four, but I'm repeating one)

So it's not exactly shaping up to be a joyous Christmas in Jacksonville.  I've been trying to get myself in the mood by overcompensating and going sorta all out on gifts this year;  last year I got no one anything b/c I was so broke and out of work.  I feel good about buying gifts, so at least I feel good about something nowadays.  Of course my wallet is hurting, and I'm still crippled by NGAS. 

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