12/2/98 -- Mmm...Hamburger Day...29 cents of instant joy...vegan nightmare...mmm... Y'know, even though I'm back into my running/eat sorta healthy mode, I still can't pass up Hamburger Day at McDonald's.  I know Das is now seriously grossed out by it (especially its cousin, Cheeseburger Day), but it is too good to pass up.  I mean, for like $3.11 you can get 10 hamburgers!  Yum!  Plus a small drink w/unlimited refills for like 85 cents.  You can stuff yourself silly for under $4.  That's phat, with a "ph" and a f.  PhFat! 

That reminds me, I know things are astronomically more expensive in Hawaii (Hawai'i?) then in LA, which ain't a cheap place either.  But is Hamburger Day at McD's in Hawaii 29 cents as well?  I figure not.  But I've been kicking around the idea of relocating to Hawaii at some point (although definitely not before, say, 2000, so you don't have to hide the Asian women just yet), and I'm just thinking about prices at McDonald's.  Forget the lackluster job market, what's the price of a hamburger at McDonald's!?!?!  I wanna know the important things.

You know, I was thinking I  should make stark raving mad more introspective -- more like a "diary" where I write more often about my thoughts and feelings and try and work them out, like I used to do with a handwritten journal.  I mean, what's the point of stark raving mad?  I dunno.  It definitely is not an exercise in good grammar, that's fo' muthafuckin' sure.  But then, I look at journals that are a lot more introspective, and I cringe after reading two sentences and jump outta there.  So I think I'll just keep the same format, and ramble on about chicks and food.  Mmm...Hamburger Day...

Found a big pimple on my ass last nite.  Rather odd place to find one, especially a monstrosity like the one that had taken up residence on my right cheek.  If it was on my face, I was seriously have considered not coming to work.  I guess pimples can accumulate anywhere -- I get them on my knees sometimes.  I never had much of an acne problem as a kid, though, even though I didn't (and still don't) take very good care of my skin, especially if you compare me to someone like Dasmando, who spends five minutes washing his face and cursing the soft water. 

Thinking of my ass makes me think about body hair.  I never considered myself "hairy" until I came to college.  I didn't wear shorts much my first year at UCLA, and when this guy saw me with them after I went to work out, he remarked that I was a fucking neanderthal.  Which isn't fair -- I guess I have hairy legs, but the rest of me isn't quite hirsute.  I don't have much chest hair, nothing on my back save a dozen scraggly shoulder hairs, and average arm hair -- at least for a white guy, and positively bald for a neanderthal.  But I guess Asians have different standards.  Hmm.  Oh well.  To get a good idea of my hair distribution, check out the Ben Stiller article in the recent issue of Rolling Stone.  Check out the fully evolved, naked picture of Ben, and you've got a remarkably good idea of my hair growth. 

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