12/21/98 --  OK, today was exactly the kind of day I figured I'd have when I got to Jville -- wake up, go out to eat with my parents (and Short Bus), then go out with my mom to a mall.  After wandering around the mall looking at North Floridian youths, we return home, I go for a good run, eat too much for dinner, and then sit in front of the computer surfing the net.  Oh, and I'm saturated throughout the day with the kind of babbling unintelligent nagging from my mom that I find depressing and makes me not want to be around her in the first place. 

So this is the kind of day I had.  It's probably the kind of day I'll have for the rest of the week, so if anything changes, I'll mention it.

I miss my Playstation, but right now I miss my stereo more.  I got that thing right before I started at UCLA, and despite not doing bad things to it, it's not feeling particularly well and it might go at any time.  It's a Sony, too, which makes it all the more surprising.  So right now, rather than having my healthy collection of CDs to choose from (From Paula Abdul to Young MC, with a bunch of acts popular after 1988 in between), I have a total of three mix tapes to listen to, and no idea what the local modern rock station is out here.  Ed Lover and Doctor Dre of Yo! MTV Raps fame have a morning show out here, but I never listened to that. 

Oh yeah, I forgot about my mix tape ordeal that was so plaguing me a month ago.  One Saturday night when I wasn't drunk, I started trying to figure out a playlist at around 11 PM and stayed up til' 4:30 in the morning to construct ONE 60 minute tape with a "relationship" theme to it.  Since I've never been in a relationship, I immediately thought it was crap, but at least I made it.  It's not just songs that deal with the general topic of love and that sort of bullshit, but it actually has some structure -- a chronological history of a fictional relationship.  Hell, I'll give you the playlist, and you can figure it out yourself:

Matthew Sweet
Toni Braxton
Mariah Carey + JD
Peter Cetera
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson
Fiona Apple
Sarah McLaughlin
No Doubt
You're Makin Me High
Glory of Love
I Love You in Me
Sex (I'm a ...)
This Time
Don't Speak
No, there's no Bizarre Love Triangle or Love Song or You Gotta Let a Ho' Be a Ho' in there.  They didn't fit.  So anyhow, I made that. And then before I left on Saturday, I put together a "1998" themed tape, which took about 1 1/2 hours.  It's simply songs arranged chronologically that I can identify certain periods of this past year with.  (I know I'm big on arranging tapes in a linear fashion -- I can't help it, I wuz a history major).  I'll spare you the playlist from that one. 

Wouldn't it be neat if airplanes really were invisible, like Wonder Woman's plane was?  Then people could look up and see people eating lunch while traveling 400 mph.  Of course, they'd have to do something about the lavatories, but whatever, it'd be cool.

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