12/21/98 --  My mom has been nagging me for the last month about what I want for Christmas (among 49 other things she harasses me about).  I don't feel like I should tell her what I want -- b/c where's the surprise in that?  I like buying gifts that people aren't expecting but are happy to get.  I don't want to fully expect my gifts -- or else what's the point in wrapping them up?I don't want my mom buying me clothes b/c she sucks at that.  I don't wanna tell her what CDs or Playstation games I might want, either.  She knows I need big things -- a car, laptop, apartment -- but that's out of her budget. So I've put her in a tough spot.  Maybe I'll be more sympathetic tomorrow.  "Hey mom, but this for me!"

Maybe I'll tell her to get me some anti-depressants.  "Mom, I need some Zoloft.  Merry Christmas!"  Hell,  I should ask her to pay for my therapy -- I want a new therapist, and am probably gonna have to switch anyway, so I'd be happy being able to choose one that I like without worrying about if my insurance would cover it.  Or maybe I'll just ask for some Paxil.  In any case, she doesn't know about me being in therapy, so I don't know if I should even tell her.  As far as she knows, I haven't been in therapy since I was 19.

Speaking of gifts, Phil gave me pair of phat Ralph Lauren boxers -- they've got bears on em', so they stick with my trend of buying boxers with animals on them -- they're cute, but they also conceal the animal underneath!  Ehh....yeah.  So far I've got several pairs with differing breeds of dogs, dolphins, elephants, and hippos, among others.  But yeah, I now consider these my lucky boxers!  When I get some I'll be wearing these boxers, or rather, I'd be wearing these boxers before I got some. 

You know, that lyrics to that song by Fastball, The Way, could really apply to the NBA lockout, in addition to being about an elderly couple that disappeared on the way to a family reunion.  (Just think about the lyrics).  Argh, this fucking lockout sucks -- NBA Live 99 has these stupid rosters with no rookies, and if there's no season, then, as Das pointed out, what's the 2000 edition of Live gonna look like?  Is it still gonna have the 98 rosters? 

Wow, y'know, this is a super-masculine site -- I talk about women and sports and video games a lot, and very little of the "I Think About the World and Cry" sorta stuff that I would stereotypically associate with women's sites (even though the two feminine sites that I read have none or very little of that sort of thang).  I'd make some sort of resolution to try and be less of a "guy" and more of a "human", but since I haven't stuck to any of my journal writing resolutions so far, I won't even bother.  Well, maybe I'll make my next entry a little more in depth (how can it not be after this one, when I talk about boxers, basketball, and my mom's gift-buying ideas?)

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