12/22/98 --  OK, so technically it's 1:45 in the morning out here.  It's only 10:45 on the Westside, and since we all know it's the best side, that's the clock I'm gonna go with.  I hate this friggin' place so much I won't even respect their time zone.

It's official -- my mom is obsessed with making me fat.  She keeps shoving food in front of me, and that damn cheesecake she made is becoming a food group in itself.  So damn fat, I couldn't run today, I just ate.  So tomorrow I wanna go for a big ass run, like a nine-miler (hey, nine miles is a lot when you've got a big ass).  Also supposed to go shopping with Short Bus tomorrow.  He came by this morning, but I moaned him away from my bed where I lay sleeping.

Downloaded the Star Wars: Episode I trailer today.  I saw it on MTV, but never in the theatre.  I decided to take advantage of the Media One connection and grabbed that puppy in under twenty minutes.  My brother thinks it'll gross a billion domestically.  I don't -- if half the country saw it once, it wouldn't pull in a billion, and I can tell you that over half of America really doesn't give a damn about Star Wars. 

Realized today that an old high school buddy of mine and Das' cousin Superwoman (aka Suzanne) are both the same year at Northwestern Medical School, or whatever it's called.  Suzanne is this 5'10, athletic, overachieving, intelligent, amiable, kind babe who appeared in an Asian Collegiate Swimsuit Calendar and who turned down Scottie Pippen when he tried to buy her a drink in a club in Chicago.  (Damn, imagine the kid they could have had if only she played him the way she could have!  He'd be dunking before he could crawl!)  But she's engaged to some rich white dude, so you know how it is. 

But anyhow, that realization made me go looking for other RBHS alumni on the Net.  I didn't find any appearing with their own web page or anything like that.  Matter of fact, I couldn't even find myself, which is true on several levels.   I did find Nicole on the Net after I lost contact with her a few years ago, but that was only after I knew where to look. 

Just to follow up on the last few entries, my mother is such a wreck of a person I don't think I'll tell her about my need for therapy or antidepressants, and I know I've only got a few more days to think about my dad and what I might say to him.

Wish I could talk to Akiyo one more time.

Anyhow, something else I realized today during the immense amount of time I've been spending on the Web; "stark raving mad" isn't as damned unique a title for a web site as I thought it was.  There's someone else out there, just as fucked up as I am (if not worse), with a site other own called "stark raving mad."  She's this chick whose manic, and her site's got a bunch of manic links, plus a list of movies and books and shit about mental disorders, specifically bipolar disorder.  And she's on Paxil, which is what I used to be on (and she be on yet again).  Anyhow, mebbe I'll e-mail homegirl tomorrow.

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