12/23/98 --  Jeezus Christ -- I have been off by one day this whole week.  I thought today was the 23rd, Monday the 22nd, and Sunday the 21st.  So, my dates for this whole week are all off by one.  OK, now it is the 23rd (at 1:15 in the morning), but I don't want to count today as the 23rd, since I'm still on Pacific Standard Time, and am gonna ignore Hillbilly Standard Time, known to many others as Eastern Standard Time. 

But Christ, I wasn't this stupid last year when I was smoking up every night. Argh,  why must I be blonde?!?!

I stopped by today to grab some Crystal Burger (it's like redneck White Castle), which I last had the nite before I started my mega-diet last year, and the last nite of my non-stop pot smoking fest.  A lot's changed since then -- When I took Max for his midnite stroll, I don't smoke a joint while walking around the block with him.  And when I went for a drive tonite, I didn't smoke a jay on an unlighted street and then spend two hours getting lost in an area of about 4 square miles, unable to find my way home. 

Hmm, so maybe I was this stupid last year.

Actually, talking about time zones reminds me of the time zone that Das and I came up with -- Ray Variable Time.  Ray is never on time for anything.  If he says he'll be somewhere at 11:00, he'll get there at 11:45, if at all.  If he says, he's gonna leave the house and meet you in five minutes, he'll call you back in thirty minutes that he's leaving the house.  So I jokingly mentioned to Das about "Ray Standard Time", since his clock works differently than everyone else's.  Das corrected me by saying that it should be variable time, since Ray is never standard or consistent about anything.

As it became in vogue among da boyz, we would wager on guessing how long Ray would take.  We never told Ray about it, and after a while, someone, probably Paul (because he has a conscious) admitted he felt bad about it, so we stopped.

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