12/25/98 -- Ah, Christmas -- the most boring day of the year.  There was nothing to do on this gray, blustery day  except sit around and feel glum.  Good news is my parents didn't fight. Bad news is I was here to tell you about it.  I just sat around and was subjected to the occasional "What's wrong?" or "Why are you so mean to your brother?" from my mom.  I'd say "Nothing" or "It's for his own good", and then she walk away mad, mumbling under her breath. 

I've spent a good part of my day sitting here, missing my old stereo back in LA.  To compensate, I've been listening to 30 second real audio clips of various songs I don't have in my collection -- stuff from the Chef Aid album, Asian Dub Foundation, and now Janet Jackson.  They all sound like winners, but I wanna hold off of buying them until I digest the new albums I already ordered -- Foxy Brown's last album and NFL: The Power and the Glory.

And of course, Foxy has a new album coming out next month. 

Christ, I have some truly weird musical tastes.

When I haven't been sitting here or watching TV, I've been driving around, listening to the Cibo Matta tape I made right before I left.  That's some weird shit -- "I know my chicken, you got to know your chicken" -- I think I like it more when Japanese chicks sing in Japanese, so that the lyrics are so much less important to me.  But it's still a good album, and I'm glad I dig it -- it makes me feel more hip, like I "fit" the black turtleneck I'm currently wearing.

I haven't had anywhere in particular to drive around, either, because the entire town shuts down for Christmas.  Everything -- even the fast food franchises.  I discovered this last nite when I had the munchies and the only place I could find that was open was a Winchell's drive-thru.   That had a line of cars that reflected all socioeconomic classes that stretched all the way into the street.  When I got into the car this afternoon, the radio station that was on wanted places that were open to call the station so that they could let people know where they could go to eat.  And some poor guy without a car needed someplace that delivered. 

That could have been me.

Anyhow, it hit me that I could go see a movie -- that's at least open.  So at 8:30 I made it down to the Orange Park AMC.  I've found closer parking at the Rose Bowl.  Needless to say, everything was sold out -- even Enemy of the State.  The 12:25 AM showing of Star Trek might be available, so I might head down there in an hour.

After watching a rerun of Dennis Miller last nite, I have a new word I can add to the Haole Vocabulary -- Dickasaurus, as in the carnivore between my legs.

I'd be more anxious to return home except that the next day I have to go back to work and face the Duc.  Ick.

OK, tomorrow -- New Year's Resolutions.

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