12/26/98 --I wanna get these out of the way now, so that I can take the four or five remaining days of the year to get them out of my system.  Plus by posting them here, I can feel like I have someone else's expectations besides my own to live down to.  Not that I've ever responded well to pressure before...
  1. Get on antidepressants and stay on them -- better living through chemistry. 
  2. Eat healthier -- junk food four times a week, maximum.  And yes, Hamburger Day counts as one of these meals.
  3. A more well-rounded exercise plan -- some weights, maybe some swimming, not just running.  My ten year high school reunion is coming up in a few years, so I wanna look good for that.
  4. Get my knees taken care of -- if arthritis killed Valmont, I don't wanna go through it.  Remember, don't be like Valmont (fat, dumb, and lazy dog who never got any and died prematurely)
  5. Figure out the future by May -- Grad School/Law School, different career training, etc.  Believe it or not, being a lawyer's bitch is not what I want to be when I grow up.
  6. Get my teeth taken care of -- no more trusting them to the fate of dentists my mom sends me to.  Sick of scaring small children.
  7. Better journal writing -- try to do a little bit of editing, and the occasional thought-out essay.  All those years of Honors English should have taught me something beyond the value of Cliff Notes.
  8. Get a car -- must remember that being in El Ay without a car is like being a man without a penis.
  9. Move out of Ray's -- his mom just isn't doing it for me anymore.
  10. Start cleaning up my credit -- and I'm not talking about dusting off the VISA card, either.
  11. Keep sober (Argh!) -- sure it sucks not being able to get loaded or high, but just think of the beneficial side of it -- umm, what were they again?
  12. Be more efficient than I already am at work & conspire against Duc -- maybe I'll distract him by hanging up a "1999 Men of the LA Fire Department" Calendar.
  13. Do something about my speech -- tackling it head-on will be a 2000 resolution (I can't do everything this year -- gotta have some time to binge on food)
  14. Stop bingeing on food (DOH!)
  15. Get a second job after I get a car (see #8) -- "waiter" is such a resume builder.
  16. Subscribe to four magazines after I move out (see #9), at least one of which will be Details, and one will not be Bass Fisherman
  17. Get a computer of my own, so I can get more done at work (see #12) -- I don't have the time at work I need to find the really good smut
  18. Keep up with more journals
Noticeably absent from that list is what everyone would expect to be #1 with a bullet -- getting some.  Not surprisingly, I've been making that a resolution for a very long time.  So this time, I'm gonna focus on everything else, and see if gettin' any will proceed that.

Any wagers on me getting lucky?  On second that, I should learn my lesson from this past year.  The Masahisa is gonna hurt...

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