12/7/98 -- Interesting weekend.  Not really that interesting, but just one that left me with a lot of stuff to think about, even if I got nothing really done.  I went running on Friday, and just as I got going it started to rain.  So I kept running away; neither rain nor sleet nor the rest of dat bullshit.  Not that I work for the Post Office or anything (I don't run that slow).  Then I sat around and played Final Fantasy VII til I went to bed.   A nice, relaxing Friday.  True, I could have been out trying to score, but Final Fantasy is  doing a lot to relieve my sexual tension, what with the love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris (or as I renamed them, Haole, Sharon, and Akiyo). 

Saturday I woke up, played some more Final Fantasy (I got a LOT of sexual tension to relieve, heh), then I went and saw my shrink.  I wandered around the mall, then came back home to watch the second half of the now infamous UCLA-Miami game...grumble...anyhow, after that I decided to play some more Final Fantasy, and I got in some NBA Live.  After a while, Ray (wearing his Rage Against the Machine shirt) comes back from the computer show he went to with Jimbo, and asks if I wanna go to a strip club.  I say "Sure."  (I don't believe I've ever turned down an invitation).  He says he was gonna try and  get Jimbo to go but that Jimbo was sorta frightened.  Anyhow, he convinces Jimbo, and after a stop off at various ATMs and McD's, we went. 

I don't wanna spend hours going into the details (and I could, believe me), but I had a good time.  Probably the best time I could have hoped for at a strip club without actually getting a stripper to go home with me.  There were a couple of really hot strippers and a super-cute porn star (Kobe Tai, for all you smut fiends), they were Asian, and I felt good.  The porn star kept calling me cutie and she she kissed my cheek.   <sigh> Unfortunately I've since washed my cheek.  But I got an autograph of a glossy ad.  Anyhow I'm happy.  POOR as a muthafucka, but happy.  I don't know about James and Ray -- I really didn't think much about them.  It was so crowded that I sat apart from them.  That might have been a good thing.

Anyhow, I should probably quit strip clubs.  It's not that I go that much,  maybe twice, three times in a year -- which isn't much compared to a lot of guys.  Then again, there are probably just as many guys who never go.  I used to be Mr. Anti-Strip Club, just the way I was Mr. Anti-Booze, Mr. Anti-Weed, etc.  I ended up overindulging in those, and I overindulge in strip clubs as well.  Last saturday was an ego boost, despite the scrilla I paid out -- I felt good.  Since it can't get much better (Kobe Tai in her last appearance!  And she called me cutie!  Ahem...sorry.), I figure maybe I should quit those as well.  I dunno...I mean, I never actually say "I want to go to a strip club", it's usually someone else's idea.  Still, I should resist -- it's money I can't afford to burn like that.  Jeezus, some yuhjah could have a hella good time with me with the money I dish out at a strip club. 

Anyhow, moving beyond that, Sunday I felt bad for not running and for spending so much dough, so I decided to punish myself by running -- 8 1/2 miles or so.  In gusty winds.  In shorts.  Anyhow, I felt so proud of myself that I wound up eating Jack in the Box.  Twice.  The last was after Das came over, and Ray and he and I played video games for shots -- Ray basically drank for me.  He wound up drinking a lot.  So did Das for that matter, as witnessed by his singing "Panama" at the top of his lungs in the car, changing "Panama" to "Jacksonville".  Ugh.  Anyhow, we were so stuffed after the second Jack in the Box run that there was one taco left and none of us wanted to eat it.  We did Kai-Bai-Bo for it, and Ray won, or rather lost, the taco.  He didn't realize that by winning he had to eat it, so he starts flexing and posing ala the Hulkster, and Das pointed to him and said, "You are the Taco Master."

Five minutes later when Ray realized he had to eat it rather than me, there was no posing to be found.

And so concludes my weekend.  Well,  I also got a haircut and didn't call Maya or my parents, but that's about all I left out. 

And yes, I now recognize the sexual connotations of "Final Fantasy."  You fucking perverts disgust me.

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