12/7/98 -- Trying to decide what I should be interested right now.  Usually I have football and basketball to get interested in, but with UCLA's loss to Miami, the NBA lock-out, a host of freshman running at Pauley Pavilion,  and my lack of regular access to SportsCenter, my sports attention span has greatly shrunk.  In addition, I only get to net-surf at work, and there isn't much time to do dat, so I have to settle for visiting the same few sites.  Booze and weed are hopefully out of the equation as well.

So, uh, shit, my life has really changed quite a bit.  Of course, I have a lot less free-time with my long commute that sucks ass, but I have picked up a few interests.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my Playstation, and running have partially filled the void.  But with only an hour of Buffy a week, and there being only so running that my knees can take, I wind up overdosing on my Playstation, which is pretty geeky and really sad:

(Scene at a fictional party Haole will probably never go to:)
Really Fine Single Asian babe -- "Want a drink?"
Haole -- "No thanks, I quit."
RFSAB -- "Gee, that's too bad.  I love drinking.  So what do you do?"
H -- "I work in a library in a law firm."
RFSAB -- "Gee, that sounds really boring.  So, what do you do in your spare time?"
H -- "Uh, I have a Playstation"
(Sounds of heels click-clacking against the floor as RFSAB flees to another guy)

So obviously, I need more in my life than what I have.  I have, like, six books or so that I bought that I've been too depressed to read.  Hopefully they'll be slightly more cheery than the one I just read -- Time's Arrow by Martin Amis.  It's about a guy who lives his life backwards and winds up working for the Nazi Death Camps.  I didn't know this when I bought the book.  Still, I bought the books I have when I was even more depressed than I am right now, when I was looking for dark and depressing stuff to read.  I can't remember them all, but I know I've got The Fall by Camus, something by Oe Kenzaburo (sp) about "shooting or killing the kids" (the title caught my eye), and...I forget what else. 

Reading can't take up all my time.  Maybe I'll get back into my old habit of worrying about other people's problems.  Like Akiyo.  We haven't talked much recently, something that's been of very private concern to me.  I figure it's an attempt to distance herself just a tad from me while getting out more.  Akiyo and I used to talk a lot.  I got the phone bills to show for it.  Anyhow, this morning she calls me, and while I'm at the reference desk she starts spilling her guts about her problems and indecisions in life.  She's got a lot of my problems like debt (although less so than I), lack of future goals (she wants to go to grad school but doesn't know for what), and she's stuck in the same dumb job I have, although at least she's at a better office. 

Her real problem is that she had to give her dog to her ex so he could take care of it until she found a new place to live.  She hasn't found a new place to live that would let her keep her dog, and she's not sure if she will.  Meanwhile, her ex owes her a ton of money in credit card debt, but he's using the dog to make her feel guilty and extract some sympathy himself.  So she doesn't know what to do.  I'm trying to think of solutions for her, none of which I'm sure she'll try, b/c of their reliance on taking a baseball bat to that white boy's ass.  Seriously -- someone using a dog to fuck with a woman's emotions, man, that's beat.  That's two things I care about -- dogs and women.  If someone was exploiting my dog, I'd fucking kill him. 

But that's me.

Had an interesting day at work.  Will talk about it tomorrow (I hope -- my boss is cracking on my Internet time).

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