2/02/98 -- February 2 is always interesting because it's the day after my dad's birthday and before mine.  I think I have a cousin whose birthday is February 2, but then again, I also have a cousin whose wife used to beat his ass like, uh, a woman.  Nobody noteworthy was born on February 3; the biggest name I find every time I look is ex-NFL quarterback and infomercial pitchman Fran Tarkenton.  Born on the same guy as a dude named Fran.  Of course, February 3 is better known for the people who died on it -- Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper.  I was born on the Day the Music Died, and Nobody Famous was Born.  How's that for being born under a bad sign?  
     Speaking of Fran Tarkenton, remember that show he used to co-host, That's Incredible?  That show was such da bomb when I was five.  I remember this one episode about a haunted Toys R' Us, and they went to a commercial break showing this shadow of some kind of human figure walking around a corner, and John Davidson's voice-over said with a hushed tone, "Is this the shadow of a ghost?"  Of course, they come back from the break and it was just some wind-up robot on the loose.  Fuckers.  Sure knew how to scare a five-year-old, though.    
     This February 2 happened to suck b/c I found out officially that I didn't get my ILL job back (burn!) and now need to find a job somewhere else.  Tower's hiring; the fact that I have no register experience and know nada about new music shouldn't affect my chances, now should it?  Dunno where else I'll look; maybe Westside, maybe some sorta PT office work.  Maybe I could be a waiter.  Do poor communication skills inhibit one from becoming a good waiter?  Probably, huh?  
     So poor now that I'm rereading books from high school cuz' I can't afford to buy the ones I want.  Kafka's even more boring the second time around.   
     Today at the arcade I was wasting my precious money on Bust A' Move, and the guy at the Bust A' Move next to me was doing the same thing, except that when his game was over he would scream at himself and the machine. He scared me.  People who get so frustrated at arcade games that they feel the need to audibly and visibly get upset scare me.  You're a college student, You're in a public place, show you're maturity by not having a conniption because you can't match up the little colored balls.  Bozo.    
     I have a mid-term tomorrow.  First mid-term in...how long?  Probably like something in over  year.  It'll be my second-to-last one, too, for quite a while.  Probably.  Wow, now I'm starting to get all mushy about the end of college life just when I'm starting to get back into it.  You know what I am gonna miss most about college life?  Not scoring as much as I want/need to.  Maybe if I go on a rampage after I graduate,  I'll make up for it.  Nicole was saying that I should be grateful that at least I haven't gotten anyone pregnant, and I haven't gotten a STD.  Kind of a back-handed compliment, but I guess I'll take it.    
     Oh yeah, today I see the new issue of the Daily Bruin, and the cover story is about this student here, Dennis Lytton, who knew and dated Monica Lewinsky in D.C..  So I see this guy's name, and it dawns on me that I saw his name on the roommate listings -- he was looking for a roommate.  I decided to not give him a try after seeing his building.  But I was like, "Damn, if I moved in with this guy, then, then..." I don't know what I could have gotten out of it.  I could bust, "Yo, my roommate is this guy who used to work with and date Monica Lewisnky.  Yeah, that's right, he said that she said that her and the Prez  were "fuck buddies".  Somehow that probably wouldn't impress too many people -- at least not enough to get some from anyone.   
     So later, I'm eating my bean burritos in a drizzle, when this TV camera crew starts setting up right in from of me, and the anchor woman (I didn't recognize her -- how come it couldn't be Sharon Tay?!?!) asked me if I wanted to be asked about it on camera.  I said "No," because I hate the local news and had nothing of worth to say about it.  Hell, half the time people don't know what the hell I'm saying away, they just nod their head sympathetically.  So it's not like I missed out on my big break.   
     Sharon Tay, BTW, is a goddess.  If you ain't from LA, then you don't know.  But ya' better ask somebody.
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