2/06/98 -- It's wet.  I'm hot.  Stupid El Nino waits until I wanna look for a job before it decides to unleash it's power.  What, oh, Haole wants to look for a job?  How about seven hours of non-stop rain?  I had to wolf down my Taco Bell during a five-minute dry period.  Yeah, a five-minute period is how long it'll take to get em' out, too, heh.  They should turn down the heat in here. Come in with my jacket on, and I gotta hurry to take it off before I melt in a pool of liquified Haole.  
     I need an umbrella.  I walked 10 minutes to campus today, and didn't see one person who didn't have an umbrella.  I felt like such a loser.  Even people with hoods and hats were using umbrellas.  Wussies.  Of course, this morning Stephan found an umbrella and asked if it was mine.  I could have said, "Yes," but then I would have had an umbrella to use, and God can't let that happen.   
     So yeah, I'm drying off in the CLICC lab.  I hate being wet.  I still wanna go out and look for work after this.  Good luck to me.  Yeah, trudge to book stores all around West LA in the rain.  Big Fun.  Maybe I'll watch Replacement Killers tonight.  So far everyone has said it's terrible.  I haven't seen any commercials for it -- no cable -- so I dunno.  It looks kinda low budget.  But then again, so do a lotta HK flicks.   
     Both of the kitchen sink drains at my apartment are clogged up.  That's amazing.  I sit there and look at em', see the ring of crap that encircles em', and think to myself, "I should do something about it."  And I don't.  I imagine that I'll wait for Stephan to show up, and I'll watch him do the nasty work while I give him a small hand, and then it'll be fixed.  It's really nasty, too -- we have like pasta and noodles lying in the sink.  The sinks drain -- just really slowly, and anything of any mass whatsoever will get filtered out and remain in the sink.  Yeah, real nasty.  Men are such nasty pigs.  We should refer to our apartment as "The Sty".   
     Maybe Draino'll work.   
     I've been on a Didi Reese kick lately.  That's  bad.  Didi Reese is this cookie store in Westwood that makes the dopest, freshest $.25 cookies anywhere. They're good  For a $1.00, they'll put a scoop of ice cream between two cookies.  Last three nights I've been going there around midnite.  That's bad.  But it's sooooo good.  I gotta stop, though.  I'm afraid I'm getting fat again, even though I have no evidence.  Haven't been running in over three weeks cuz of my stupid cold and the rain.  Must run soon.  Must not get fat again.  .  
     Been reading the Sports Almanac I got for my birthday.  So much for The Trial for awhile.  This morning I was learning all about figure skating maneuvers, or whatever you call em'.  I had no idea how to tell a Lutz from an Axel.  I still don't, but now if/when I watch some figure skating (Go Michelle, you under-age honey), I'll read up beforehand and drop science and impress everyone.  "Damn, Haole, how do you know so much about figure skating?"  Man, almanacs make great bathroom reading, too.  Can't get enough of U.S. professional soccer results.  
     The girl next to me seems to be looking at web pages with comic book art on it.  Saw her looking at at least one Kabuki pic.  She's cute, too.  Maybe I could bust it on her with some comic book 411.  Uh, maybe not.  No matter what, talking about comic books is not a way to get the honies.  Plus, she'd think I was weird for looking at her computer.  Now if we started talking and then I found out she was into comic books, now that'd be phat.  But that's too much like a miracle.  
     I wanna go to a Laker game.  Maybe I can hook it up with Das.  Damn, I need money first.  I'm putting off everything because of money.  Money controls everything!  I can't even get any without any money.  Such a measure of my self-esteem, too.  I realize that money doesn't solve every problem, and that Mo' Money, Mo Problems isn't just a Biggie track.  But damn, when you're broke, you'd do anything for some green.  I sit around and imagine what it'd be like to have no money -- couldn't even buy food.  I'd be borrowing more money than I already have, and would take the first job that came along, like custodian at a poo factory.  I'm still too snobby to  go that low, though.  Yeah, I am definitely not a survivor.  More like a hanger-on.  
     Off (I hope) to look for work.  Maybe I need some Xantac.
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