2/07/98 -- Well, I got some of what I wanted to accomplish done yesterday.  I marched down to Borders in the rain, and got and filled out an application.  Well, actually, in my usual insecure way, I felt I had to buy something in order to ask for an application.  So even though I'm poor, I bought a collection of Tolstoy short stories for $7.95.  It includes the Kreutzer Sonata, which Das' recommended has having more impact on his life than anything else he's read.  I didn't start reading it, of course -- I have too much to learn from my sports almanac.  In any case, the applications were at the information desk, so buying it did nothing to alleviate my insecurity.  
     Oh yeah, when I was scribbling down on my application at Borders, I went upstairs to get some hot chocolate -- I was wet and needed to sit down somewhere.  I tell the guy I want a small hot chocolate.  "In a cup?"  "Yeah."  "One hot cocoa..."  So then I'm waiting while he makes my beverage, and he slides a cup of dark liquid down on the counter, and the register-lady says, "One coffee."  Puzzled, I look down, see it's a bubbling black liquid, and say, "No, one hot chocolate."  "And one cup of coffee?"  "No, just one hot chocolate."  So she rings me up for one hot chocolate, which is almost a dollar more than a coffee, and I take my cup, realizing that I just paid a dollar more for a cup of coffee, which I never drink.  So I sit down, sip it -- yep, it's coffee -- and start filling out on my application.  I was a puzzling over why this lady knowingly let me purchase a coffee when I asked and paid for a hot chocolate, why the guy behind the counter gave me a coffee, and why I didn't say something earlier.  A comedy of errors.  So when the line disappears, I walked back up, explained to her that I wanted a hot chocolate and got a coffee instead.  She wondered why I took a coffee when she remembers me wanting a hot chocolate.  So she gave me a big hot chocolate for no extra cost.  So it worked out. I think.  
     The guy making the coffee then asked me if I was filling out an application for the coffee shop -- yeah, I wanna work around morons like you.  That's not what I said, of course.  It'd be awesome if I did, huh?  Or maybe not -- he could have tossed hot coffee at me.  Or hot chocolate.  Or even some iced drink and let me shiver to death even more.  
     But oh yeah, then I took the bus down to Westside and filled out applications for Waldenbooks (which, judging from the similar application is owned by Border), and Barnes N' Noble.  It was too dark and wet to make it down to the Santa Monica.  Maybe after I'm done in here.  Maybe not.  In any case, no, I didn't buy stuff at Waldenbooks or Barnes' N' Noble, although I did look around a whole lot, giving the impression that I really wanted to buy something.  
     Oh hey, Das pointed out where I can get a on-line pic of Aphrodite in mortal form -- Sharon Tay.  Well,fuck-a-duck, this yellow-on-white linkage doesn't turn out well.  Just highlight it.  
     Damn, I just remembered I had some dope-ass dream that I've forgotten.  I hate that!!  I know it was fly, and it's like a cool, exciting experience, but I forget em' every time.  Like lost memories.    
     Yesterday I was also handed a vegan pamphlet.  Actually, it was more like a brochure.  It was pretty nice, and I actually bothered to read it.  Actually, I was glancing at it when I saw a honey who was also handing out the brochures, so I made like I was reading it to make here think I was some sensitive guy.  Dumb slut!!!  Kidding.  Anyhow, after glancing at it, I actually wound up reading the whole thing.  It basically focused on how terrible the animals are treated that are bred for consumption, mixed in with quotes regarding how cruel these animals are treated and how people are willing to make any excuse for whatever they find convienent.   Some of it I'd read before, and some of it was pretty graphic.  OK, a lot of it was pretty graphic, like the cow with an udder that was gianormous, like dragging on the ground.   I used to work with a girl, Rhonda, who was a vegan.  I got the impression that cooking or ordering food is a lot of work.   
     While having my Spam for dinner (how do you not burn it?), I was thinking that right now it's way too expensive for me to become a vegan.  Yeah yeah, heartless ass me.  But I'd still like to give it a shot.  Maybe I'll have a day of the week when I'm a vegan.  Maybe on Tuesdays?  OK, next Tuesday I'll try and have a vegan day.  
     So no, I didn't get anything done last nite.  Done as far as partying, drinking, smoking...I just sat, read my sports almanac, tried to get some creative writing thoughts down, and had another Didi Reese attack.  I'm replacing one addiction with another.  
     Why is it so hard to find info on hash?  The drug, that is.  Find stuff about hashing (running), hash (computer programs), hash (browns), but nothing on the marijuana derivitive.  Not that I'd wanna know it for personal reasons.  Of course not.  Hey, I've been avoiding smoking up any of the weed I've been carrying around.  It's been hard, but I promised myself I'd stick to the "No-weed-by-yourself" rule and I've done it. Gimmee props.  
     Hey, Anthony Mason might get charged with statuary rape.  Do Mase like the underage ladies?  Yeah yeah. 
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