2/09/98 -- Shouldn't be typing, but I can't resist!! I'm bored, and I don't wanna do research or fill out the book store applications I got today from a few places down in Santa Monica.  So I'd rather be sitting here, ashamed and puzzled over my web site's low graphic intensity.  Everybody else has some cool graphic for their logo; not me.  I open up Photoshop or Illustrator and go "Huh?"  Whenever I open up a graphics program, I feel like Ookla the Mok.  I cannot figure out how to do anything remotely artistic or useful, and so consequently I can't design a neat webpage graphic.  How does everyone else do it?  Maybe I should ask them.  
     After hanging out today at Third Street, I was taking the bus back to campus.  I sat at the very back of one of the brand-spanking new Santa Monica Blue buses, which replace the old ones like the one they used in Speed.  Anyhow, in the row right ahead of me are these two kids.  One of em' was a girl, she looked about 16, white blonde, a little dumpy, with braces.  Somehow I guessed she was Jewish.  So she was talking to this little kid, I mean this tiny kid.  He looked about nine, with freckles.  Anyhow, their talking, and the kid says, "There was this girl there who was a total whore," like calling girls "whores" in normal acceptable behavior for a nine-year old.  I rolled my eyes, briefly considered smacking the rude, impudent little shit, and went back to my book.  So they keep talking, and pretty soon I hear enough to know that this kid is in high school with this girl.  Their talking about AP classes and what which AP classes they're planning on taking in the future.  She was probably a grade or two higher, but still -- this kid looked like he was eight, and talked like a punk, yet here he is in high school.    
     I know I talked the same way in high school, I just didn't do it on public buses.  When I took the bus, it was to go to North County Fair or the comic store in Mira Mesa.  The fact that he was older, and apparently intelligent, also cushioned the blow of his little potty mouth (he, along with his compatriot, went on about other subjects in a similar vernacular).  I realize now that I was totally being elitist and shit; first I thought he was a little disrespectful punk, whose parents should beat some sense into him.  Then, upon realizing that he was older, smarter, and Jewish (this was also confirmed in their conversation), I rationalized it and dismissed it as normal behavior.   Isn't that sad? I guess not really.  It's just part of my weird bigotry habits.  
     I don't see many people that I knew in the dorms any more.  I do see people on occasion who I recognize, though.  Lately I've been seeing Andre the Korean around.  Actually, Andre's real name is Bert, which I only remember because his full first named is Bertrand, which sounds ridiculously stupid.  Anyhow, Bert's like 6'5, and a church-going Korean fobby-sort.  Anyhow, he's big -- at least 6'5, like I said, and he used to have this incredible afro.  Ray's old roommate Pete dubbed him Andre the Korean.  I walked into the bathroom once and he was standing inside by the door, with his hair all wild -- he looked about 8 feet tall with that afro.    
     Wow, speaking of Korean fobby-sorts, this girl who just sat down next to me used to work at the library.  Her name's Jennifer, she was the second-hottest girl I ever saw work at the library.  She's really damn cute.  Hell, probably the cutest girl whose ever sat down next to me at the CLICC lab.  I hardly ever talked to her, but Ray worked on a project once with her.  Heh, I actually know her Korean name -- I always checked the library records for stuff like that. Hey, Jennifer, if you're looking at my computer screen, I think you're really cute!  Woohoo, how high school-like.   
     The cutest girl I ever saw working at the library still works there, I think.  Ah, dream girl...her name's Christina (there's like a lot of Christinas here), I think she might be Cambodian (a super-hot Cambodian!), and she's super cute, as you might have realized.  Like 5'1, 95 pounds, body like a ten-year old boy...her I never talked too -- I was too busy with my ILL stuff, and too shy to say anything.  What a dork!  Anyhow, she has a class before me.  Maybe...nah, I'm broke.  I forgot, I can't talk to women when I'm broke -- I feel even more worthless than usual.  Yeah, I equate self-worth with money, I admit it.  I feel like more of a loser because I have less money.  If I had money, I'd probably still think of reasons not to talk to women, or approach Christina (so hot!), but right now money provides a convienent excuse.  
     Speaking of having the body of a ten-year old boy, anybody check out the new Nike spread in Details?  Lisa Leslie does have small boobies.  But that didn't stop Das' uncle from checking her out.  Das has awesome stories.  He should get his own web page full of his anecdotes.    
     Speaking of having no money, I'm supposed to buy tickets to a Wizards-Clippers game for Wednesday.  I owe Das money from gambling, and so this is how I'll repay him.  We'll get the cheap seats, and then scoot down to like the tenth row, or something.  Das is a big Irie Webber fan, and now that I found out he smokes up, so am I.  Hell, I'm probably a fan of half the NBA.  You know Kid Kobe's got a bong hidden under his bed. 
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