2/12/98 -- OK, this'll be a first.  Two postings in one day!! Damn I should be doing research.  Or looking for a job.  Or getting some!   Anyhow, I'm not studying or doing anything productive, so I figured I'd do this instead.    
     I need to experiment and do more with my web space.  I wanna have a site devoted to something, other than myself.  No, I don't wanna do a site with of pics of chicks in skimpy bikinis.  Or naked pics of chicks.  Not unless I'm with the naked chicks.  I will not have pics of naked chicks unless I'm in the pics of naked chicks and I'm whipping out my big fat --- !!! Heh, gotcha.  But yeah, I want to have a web page about something.  I also want a camera.  And some money.    
     Speaking of web page crap, it occurs to me every now and then that I rip off a lot of ideas from Jay.  I mean, the basic content and direction of my page, as well as the layout to a certain extent are borrowed/inspired/stolen from Jay, and his mu, as well as his old journal, Ramblings.  But what can I say, Jay is a god.  Or God, for you monotheists out there, which doesn't include Jay.  How ironic, Jay might be what he denies exists.  That's a quandary for ya'.   
     More web page crap -- because of the knowledge that this page'll be moving sometime soon, I'm debating whether or not to put off stuff like a guest book or a "list" of faclets, or maybe even a FAQ about me, although the only Frequently Asked Questions I ever get is, "What did you just say?", "Are you still in school?",  and "Do you wanna smoke up?".  Actually, the latter isn't really a question, it's more like an assumption, since the answer is always an energetic "Yeah!".    
     Oh yeah, I tried helping my brother the technomoron how to hook up his computer over the phone.  He knows nothing about anything, and he's moved into a new apartment, and so he wanted to drive up from SD, pick me up, take me down to his apartment in SD, have me hook up his computer (a four minute task) and then drive me back.  Not a smart guy.  So I had to describe to him via speaker phone, how to hook it up.  His lamp's broke, and it was dusk, so he had to do it with a borrowed flashlight.  Uh, huh-huh.  Anyhow, I think he/we managed to hook it up, but the dork lost his monitor's power cable, so he's gotta find it or buy a new one.  It astonishes me that he never took the short yellow bus to school.   
     I was thinking about Valentine's Day, and how I wished I had $750.  $750 could give me a pretty phat Valentine's Day with a lot of people.  See, I could steal Ramone's idea and pay for a day at a health spa for my woman, where she could get a limo ride to the place and then have a full-body massage, a facial, have her hair styled, a manicure, and a pedicure, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.  Then, after she's feeling like a million bucks, I could pick her up in my (rented) Porsche 911 Carrera convertible, and zip her off to dinner at the Yamashiro.  Ooh, shit, and flowers, too.  That adds up to about $750.  Think I'd get a little sumthin-sumthin'?  Actually, I better get a lot of sumthin'-sumthin'.  Alas, I have no money, so no woman, so no Valentine's Day joy for me.  The last few Valentine's Days have been spent with cheap beer (a 40 oz or a case o' Natural Light), and my TV.    
     Wow, written down, the above paragraph sounds like the beginning of some really cheesy alt.sex.stories tale.  "After wowing her with my rented Porsche, she sat in the leather-bucket seat, and slipped her hand onto my thigh.  I responded by slipping my hand under her dress..."   It's not that I'm into alt.sex.stories, but  just that back in the early 90s, before UCLA had a modern Internet hook-up, e-mail, Gopher, and newsgroups were the only sort of Internet access available, and I browsed around.  You know.  
     OK, hopefully tomorrow I'll continue the job hunt.  Been writing down locations and figuring out bus routes.  Maybe at the end of the day I'll end up visiting Ramone at the bank.  Heh, maybe I can go in, raise my shirt and press my nipple to the glass, ala Jim Carey in Cable Guy.  I don't bank with Coast Fed, so I dunno what else I'd do there.  

OK, in my infinite boredom I didn't do any research on mu history project; instead I made a little guestbox.  Come see it and let me know if it works.

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