2/15/98 --  Woohoo, day after V-Day and I made it!!  I'm still alive.  My boy Ray came through fo' me in the clutch and lent me some long green.  OK, not that long, but enough to get through yesterday OK.  Yeah, I couldn't get a hold of Maya, my first obligation, so then I gave Michelle a ring and she was down with a movie.  Maya then gave me a ring, and it turned out that where we were supposed to meet (at the Public Health Student Association's lounge) was locked when she got there, so she put up a note to have me meet her in Biomed.  Of course, when I got there, the lounge was open and no note was in sight.  I got soaked like a sponge, but it's was cool.  OK, getting soaked isn't cool -- my feet were wet, my notes got wet, even my undershirt was wet -- but I don't blame Maya or anything.   
     So yeah, I ended up going out for Singles Day with myself, Stephan, Michelle, and her gal pal Audrey.  (Does "gal pal" connotate lesbianism?  I hope not).   We had Mongol's, and were gonna see As Good as it Gets, but then changed our minds at the last second and saw LA Confidential.  Audrey the movie-phreak had seen both, but we didn't care, and neither did she.  So LA Confidential was good.  Tremendously enthralling -- corruptiveness never looked so good.  James Ellroy, who wrote the book, is definitely on my reading list.  Warren Ellis gave him high praise, and I dig Warren Ellis.  But first I gotta finish my Tolstoy.   
     FIRST I gotta get some research done and get a job.  Laziness, I despise you.  Be gone!!    
     After the film, we walked out, and they were selling movie posters for like $2!!  The ones that go up in frames along theatre walls.  I guess after the film comes out, or they get an updated preview poster for an upcoming film then they don't need to keep em' anymore.  So I grabbed a Deep Impact, Dark City, and Avengers poster -- none of which are coming out, yet.  Also ordered (you can order em', too!) a Face/Off poster.  Shit, I shudda ordered got a Boogie Nights one.  Whatever, four is enuff.  Audrey grabbed A Man in the Iron Mask poster, and Michelle loaded up on posters -- some Jennifer Anniston film, a Wedding Singer, and some others.  Stephan just got some mini-Titanic ones.  Oh yeah, and they grabbed tons of these black plastic  "Title Art" strips for free.  It pays to work in a movie theatre.  
     Wow, I've really turned into a noodle-fiend.  Ramen everyday, spaghetti when I wanna fill up, and then Mongol's twice in the last week.  I'm amazed I don't have noodle-poo.  
     The last few months have really tought me something about sacrifice, about having to live cheaply, about roughing it.  When I had money coming in from working, I spent it all so foolishly.  I was spending at least $10 a day on food, $60 a week on chronic, $15 a week on comic books, and and at least $40 on "going out".  Not to mention clothes, CDs, video games, beer, magazines, etc.  Which left nothing to cover my credit card bills with, natch.  Now I live off of ramen, read books (I read!), and consider spending $10 on anything as extravagant.  I feel like now I realize what I need to do to make myself, and my life, work.  Even though this is probably as hard a time for me as any I've ever gone through, at least from a financial situation, I'm not looking to be hanging from a shower rod anytime soon.  Why?  
     Friends.  No, not the TV show, moron.  The people.  People who you can trust, and who you can depend on, and who you can have great time with.  Not because they're related to you, or for any reason other than that bond that is friendship.  Friends cause on to appreciate the good things about people, the kindness, honesty, and loyalty that humans, ordinarily seen as a treacherous lot, can and do exhibit daily.  They renew faith in humanity and, just as importantly, renew one's faith in oneself.  Friends are good to have, and it's good to have friends.  For a long time, I don't think I ever appreciated friends the way I do now.  Friends come and go, and I can always make new friends, even though I rarely do.  Maybe that was because I moved around so much when I was younger and drifted in and out of friendships quickly.  Maybe it was because I'm a self-absorbed idiot who hated life, and consequently, didn't appreciate the vitality that friendship can bring to one's life.  But today, at least, I do.  Friends kick ass.  
     Y'know, in my cosmology class, which I now dread b/c of its pedantic incomprehensive, the prof has been lecturing about Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, or something like that, and the satellite used to detect and map it is called COBE -- pronounced like "Kobe", as in Kobe Bryant,  the dunking player for the Lakers.  So every time he mentions "COBE", I think "Bryant", and imagine this tall black kid soaring above the heavens, mapping radiation with his terrible shot selection.  
     Holy Zeus, it's 3:20.  I gotta get something accomplished today besides craning my neck to look at the cutie at the scanner terminal. Audi Sayanora.
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