2/17/98 --  Whew, several hours and many cute hotties later, I'm back.  Yeah, I went to go grab some Dark City passes that they were giving out at the CTO this morning.  Their showing a free screening tonight at the Ackerman ballroom.  It looks like a sci-fi flick heavy on style and low on substance.  Hopefully it'll be more like Blade Runner than Johnny Mnemonic.  Damn, I grabbed two passes, but I only got one body.  Who else wants to go?  Hmm...I owe Maya a movie, and this'd be a cheap way out, but she's probably doing something stupid like studying for a mid-term.  Ah!  I should have asked one of the girls just now when I was walking back to the lab.  So many cuties!  It's days like today when I can appreciate UCLA. They make me happy to be a man.  
     It sucks being a slob.  My slacks are all wrinkly, and I can't iron, and we don't have an iron, in any case, so I went down to the nice Korean lady at the cleaners so I can have two pairs pressed off by one o'clock tomorrow.  I probably could have paid my neighbors $5 to do it for me instead, and they're cuter, too.   Wonder what else they'd do fo' $5.   
     Started transferring this page over to Tripod.  Like Geocities, they give free homepages but at the expense of putting up stupid little pop-up windows.  It sucks, but what can I do?  It's only two megs for free, so I'll have to wait until I get some cash before I can add on more hard drive space.  I still dunno what I'll put up there.  Oh yeah, and thru Tripod, I think I can update this even after I graduate and no longer have CLICC access.  Or maybe I'll just scam off of someone else's computer.  Or maybe I'll just beat the living hell out of some diminutive computer geek and take his computer and his internet account.  Then I'd be king computer nerd.    
     Holy Christ, they're having a stupid class in here.  I'll finish this up later.  

     I've quickly relocated to the OAC lab in Math Sciences.  Suave and fast thinking -- I should be the next James Bond.  I have bad teeth, James Bond is British, it all works out!    
     Stupid El Nino, brings mucho agua from el sky.  Supposed to rain again tonight. Why can't it all just rain in one day so we can get it over with?  Mother Nature doesn't heed my calls.  Just like all the other wenches in my life!  Should smack her with a rolling pin.  Wonder if I could grow up to be a wife-beater?  OK, that's oxymoronic -- you don't grow up to be a wife beater.  But I could regress to one.  I've never hit anyone, except my brother.  And he doesn't count.  Actually, when I was 13 I through my mom across my room.  I was having a bad day.  I probably regret that more than anything else I've ever done to my mom.  No, lying to her about finishing school is the worst.   
     I think cute girls are starting to follow me around today.  How often do you see em' at the OAC lab in Math Sciences?  This might be  a first.    
     I wanna love you, P.Y.T...
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