2/23/98 -- Wow, it's been awhile.  I have this hang-up where if I get in the habit of doing something, and then don't do it for a few days, like exercise, it's super duper difficult for me to get back into it.  I guess I like being habitually lazy; it's my natural state.  That actually isn't so weird; lots of animals are naturally lazy -- look at lions and shit; what the hell do they ever do?  Sit around, try to look tough, and and occasionally get a bite to eat.  I'm not lazy, I'm energy effecient like a lion. 
     Had some weird corrupted graphics problem that I think I've fixed.  I can't explain it, but hopefully it's gone away and won't come back.  Wish the same was true for this stupid fucking El Nino shit. What a soaking wet pain in the ass. 
     Money from Mommy came in today.  What a lifesaver.  If it wasn't for all this stupid fucking rain, I'd have already gone down to Price Club and bought out their entire ramen selection.  Actually, today I had the super duper runs after being a little constipated in the morn -- ramen is not keeping me regular.   Instead of going to Price Club, I hung out with Ray.  I ended up going to Jamba Juice with him.  It was my first time ever going to a smoothie bar, which are amazingly common here in SoCal.  I a some Bananaberry Blast, or something like that.  It was purple.  All the drinks there are amazingly healthy for you (one has like 3000% of yer daily vitamin C allowance), and they all have ricockulously sexually suggestive names, like Hawaiian Lust and Purple Passion, or something like that.  I had a Bananaberry Blast.  They also sell shots of wheatgrass.  I'm not sure what wheatgrass is, but for a $1 you can get a shot of it in a little Jamba Juice shot glass (or $2 for a double), and I guess it's super healthy for you.  Only in California.  People from back east must see that and wonder, "$2 for wheatgrass?  Doesn't it have any whiskey?" 
     So what did I do this weekend?  Not much.  I ate ramen, mostly.  Most of da boyz went up to Lake Arrowhead to drink and to get some.  'Cept Phil, of course -- he's in NY, drinking and getting some. I heard he's a hoe, now.  I had to cancel my movie with Maya b/c I didn't have any money fo' it.  Need more money.  I have this urge to take my $90 remaining dollars and go to Vegas and try to make like a $1000.  Phil's borrowed $200 from me before to make like $1400.   
     Oh, I know the highlight of my weekend.  Well, sorta -- I'm sleeping Friday night out in the living room, and Mark comes in all drunk.  I hear him banging around, and then I hear the smoke alarm goes off -- he tried to cook ramen by just sticking it on the stove, without a pot of boiling water.  Luckily Ban was there to save us from burning down.  A little while after that, I hear this angry knocking on the door; the door opens, and there's this chick, and she's starts yelling at Mark.  I'm lying on the floor, looking up at this girl -- all I can see are her heels and her pants.  Mark's all, "What I'd say, what I'd say?", and so she starts shoving him.  She was yelling about Mark disrespecting her friends and ruining some party, and Mark was too drunk to admit or deny or remember anything, so then homegirl slaps Mark upside his head.  Heh, poor Mark.  Mark was more embarrassed by it then angered, and I guess he never found out what he was supposed to have said that instigated the whole incident in the first place.   
     Ohmygod, my weekend came and went, and I got nothing done.  I drove around a bit in my brothers truck, although not too far -- no money for gas.  I went down to Santa Monica Beach on Friday night (before the Slap Heard Round the Sixth Floor), and that was depressing.  I mean, I went by myself.  Going to the beach by yourself on a Friday night is like going to a nice restaraunt by yourself on Valentine's Day -- there's no way you're not going to see couples together talking and kissing and doing other romantic-type bullshit. Consequently, you feel like shit because you're left out.  What else did I do?  It rained the whole weekend, so I ended up getting wet, reading the Squadron Supreme TPB at Borders, and, uh, getting wet. 
     Also heard the phat new track from Cannabis -- "2nd Round Knockout".  Basically, it's a big slam on LL Cool J.  LL is such a target because he's so mainstream, it's like when Kool Moe Dee used to dog him and then he lost credibility with fans after Walking With a Panther.  He got some of it back, but I guess the new generations of hip-hop has seen fit to target him.  I dunno how much of the dis I agree with, but it was hard.  Good eerie beat, too. 
     Just saw a news item on Anna Nicole Smith being booked for battery.  You know my first thought -- she clubbed some guy with her boobies.  Heh, that reminds me, there's some porn star who goes on talk show with gianormous jugs, and her name is Wendy Whoppers.  That's the funniest name I've ever heard for a porn star -- and so descriptive, too.  It just rolls off the tongue, and you know right away what she looks like. 
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