2/9/99 --I have a real sympathy for loser characters in movies.  Someone like Meg Ryan's fiancee in Sleepless in Seattle; after that bitch dumped him to go meet some guy she never met before, I was so angry I hoped a gust of wind would blow her and Tom Hanks off the Empire State Building.  Poor guy does nothing wrong except be loving and supportive, and he gets jilted by the ho and her bad haircut.  And she's like the fucking protagonist -- no wonder America's youth grows up so fucked with role models like her.

David Allen Grier's character in Boomerang, who has Halle Berry taken away from him by Eddie Murphy, just like all the other girls in his life, is another character that I loved.  I get a little emotional when I watch that scene in the pool hall when Grier figures out what's going on.  He was so powerless next to his buddy, who steals the girl away, and what can he do?  He's a damn loser.  I'd be upset to, if I lost Halle Berry. 

Now when the loser character actually gets some, then it takes so much away from that character.  Take Can't Hardly Wait, which I watched last nite.  The movie itself was quite mediocre, save for Seth Green's character Kevin, who is the ultimate wigger.  Oversize Tommy Gear, a Suburban, and throwing mad slang, you know wut I'm sayin'?

Of course, he's an uberposer, who's dying to get some for the first time but keeps striking out at this big graduation party.  When his big chance with a fly asian honey comes around, he ends up getting locked in the bathroom with this cynical white girl.  He and the white girl used to be childhood friends, and then they talk, and they end up doing it, and then I totally lose interest in the character, b/c yo, he's not a loser anymore. 

This says something about myself.  I identify with losers, I look at them as sympathetic characters.  In my life, there's never been the girl at the end of the film, there's just me.  I'm never the geeky kid who everybody applauds after his game effort on the football field. 

I just remembered I dreamt last nite about somehow being introduced to these two fine blonde girls who wanted to get with me.  They thought I was dreamy from the first minute they met met.  One of em' was named Gunn.  I don't remember getting any, though -- I might have woken up, frightened that I was hanging around hot white girls.

I was talking about Das the other day, and trying to figure out what it is about him that people like.  (OK, not "figure out", like it's some sort of mystery -- more like "working out" why he's so socially adept and affable).  He's naturally quite smart and comes across as being maturer than his age.  He seems to know a lot about a lot of different subjects, which is really odd b/c I don't know how he stays very informed about anything.  He doesn't seem to read much of anything.  And, as Ramone pointed out, he's got opinions, which is something I'm sorely lacking.  I'll read something, learn about it, but I won't form an opinion on it.  Das'll tell you what he thinks, like why he finds the demise of the adverb so alarming. 

Maybe that's something I should do -- write out a list of opinions. 

Ramone got a new cast on his arm.  It looks like a mold of Terell Davis' arm.  It so damn heavy that the doc had to fashion a sling out of nylon cord for him.  I was telling Ray that if I was in his position -- no work, no school, broken arm -- I would just sit around and be high all the time.  As it is, he's just sitting around watching videos.

Y'know what the worst part is?  He can't even beat off, unless he learns to go lefty.

Wonderful, we had a lame rush request that I had to run over to the LA Public Library, in the rain without and umbrella,  to get.  It's a stupid request, and when I get back they want something else, so I call Akiyo and take out my soaking wet frustrations on her.  I've sent her like 3 e-mails apologizing.  I called earlier, and she hung up on me.  Ah, I'm such an asshole.  I did exactly what a dumb muthafucka like Duc would do -- project my frustrations onto someone else who will absorb it.  6 billion people in the world, and one of the 5 or 6 people I'd least like to get upset with is the target of a rant.

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