3/10/98 --  I am having a very bad last few days.  Yesterday afternoon when I wrote, I just found out that I wasn't going to be getting Short Bus' truck.  Yesterday evening when I got home, I found out our power had been cut off.  Shortly after that, I found out that the pager company that I bought my pager from, and that had gone out of business a week later, was no longer providing pager service to my beeper.  Or Ray's, for that matter.  I found the latter out through Ray, who is now looking at paying $130 for just one year's service.  I just paid that amount for two years, but only got a week's worth.  Econopage is, or rather, was a nationwide pager provider, not some little corner store.  They were also a giant scam.  Apparently they went under last year, but they were able to stick around long enough for me to get suckered into em'.  All that money, all gone.  They closed their doors in Beverly Hills less than a week after I went there. 
     The power being cut off is another goddamn headache.   It's a long fucking story, but I don't have power.   And I just got cable.  So much for eating at home. 
     I'm also WAY behind in my history project.  I thought it was due Finals' week; turns out it's due next week.  I am dead. 
     God's pissing on me.  I'm gonna get his fucking ass back.  Yeah, right.  Someone recently wrote to me and said how she's a believer in the whole "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger" concept.  But what happens when something comes along that does kill you?  So much for stupid fucking slogans. 
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